Sarawak Bus Travelling …An Exciting Travelling Alternative to Get Around Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Sarawak Bus Travelling is among the cheapest travelling option to get around in Sarawak. The major towns in Sarawak are better connected by the Trans-Borneo-Highway which allows frequent bus services between them.

In Sarawak, there are two types of bus services…one type is City Centre, which provides connectivity within the city and its surrounding areas and the other type is the Express Bus Services which served the various towns and city throughout Sarawak Vast territory.

The Sarawak local bus stations are located separate from the Express bus services. These Intercity bus stations are located at the city centre while the Express Terminal are located at the suburban centre.

Local Bus Station In Sarawak

In Kuching, Sarawak Capital City… the local Bus Station is located at Jalan Masjid. These buses served the surround sub-urban areas, Bau, Serian, Santubong and the various kampong in Kuching Division. The details route can be obtain from the CPL Service Counter and the respective bus company at Jalan Masjid.

Mosque Road Bus Statio

In Bintulu, Central Region of Sarawak, the local bus terminal is located at Jalan Abang Galau next to the Bintulu Pasar Besar. These buses served the surrounding housing estate and the nearby kampong and longhouse. Details of the route can be obtain at the on-site service’s counter.

Miri City bus terminal is located atJalan Melayu next to Tamu Muhibbah and Tourist Information Centre. The buses from this terminal served the nearby housing estate, Airport, Bakam, Batu Niah among others.

Sibu local bus services operate from Jalan Maju Bus Station next to the Express Boats Wharf. The buses from this station served the various housing estate and the nearby village and small town in Sibu Division.

Other towns in Sarawak, like Limbang, Lawas, Sarikei and other have their own local bus services… serving the various housing estate and also the nearby villages and bazaar and tourist attractions.

Intercity Bus Terminal In Sarawak.

There are number of Bus companies providing Express Bus service throughout Sarawak, providing cheap Sarawak Bus travelling option for both locals and travellers to the state. These bus companies operate from the many Regional Bus Terminal found in the major cities and towns in Sarawak.

The new Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal which is located at 6th. Mile Jalan Penriseen has a number of Express Bus Companies providing express bus services to major cities in Sarawak…Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang among others. Details of bus route and fares can be obtained from the respective bus companies service counter at the terminal.

This new terminal is a fully integrated 3-storey complex with modern facilities and amenities for wearing passengers.

Miri Long Distance Bus Terminal is located at Pujut Corner. This terminal serviced Express Bus coming from and goes to South, Central and the Northern region. There is local bus service from Miri local station that serviced this terminal…providing easy excess to commuters to the station.

In Sibu, the long distance bus terminal is located at Jalan Pahlawan…receiving and departure of Express Bus from Kuching, Bintulu, Miri and other long distance buses.

Bintulu Long Distance bus terminal which is located at Medan Jaya served as a strategic location for the various Express Bus to drop and collected their passengers travelling in and out of Bintulu. The terminal is also close to a number of cheap and affordable accommodations for overnight visitors.

Other towns and cities in Sarawak…like Limbang, Lawas, Sri Aman have their own Long Distance Bus terminal…servicing the various Express Bus to the town.

Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal

These Local bus stations and the Long Distance Bus terminal are one-stop centre for Sarawak Bus Travelling user convenient and connectivity.

Bus travel in Sarawak, East Malaysia is generally economical…comfortable and reliable.

Other travelling option in Sarawak is by renting a car from the various Sarawak Car Rental Companies.

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