Sarawak Cave Exploring...
Be Mesmerized by the beautifully sculpted stalagmites and stalactites....
in Sarawak Cave Network.

Sarawak Cave exploring is one of the many tourist attraction in Sarawak. They are located in various interior part of Sarawak. Some are world renowned while others are only known locally.

Caving excursion in Sarawak often involved wading across rivers...streams...swimming through underground rivers...squeezing through rock and crevices. In some cases abseiling and climbing are required so proper caving equipments are required.

At the most popular and frequently visited site....plank walk way were built and installed...some are also being equipped with fixed ropes ladder. But for serious caving excursion you required additional caving equipments even though some site like Mulu Cave do provide them.

Sarawak Cave exploring is fun and full of adventure as you might stumble upon unexplored route or new species of cave dwellers.

Many of the cave in Sarawak can easily be explore in a day while other need a series of excursion to complete the exploration. The journey to these cave are either by road or by air and continue with trekking through lush tropical rainforest.

Wind Cave – Wind Cave Nature Reserve

Wind Cave Bau

You can start your caving journey in Sarawak cave exploration with the nearest and the easy reached cave...the Wind Cave. Wind Cave is part of the Wind Cave Nature Reserve located in Bau District south of Kuching City.

The journey took 1 ½ hour drive from Kuching City and ½ hour from Bau Bazaar. Plankwalk were being built both outside and also inside the cave. Torches are required for exploring the interior of the cave as the cave are not equipped with lighting system.

As the site is protected nature reserve...permit are required which you can get at the park office. There is an underground stream that run through the cave floor flowing into the Sarawak Kanan River on the south side of the cave. The interior of the cave are plenty of column...stalagmites and stalactites. High up on cave's roof you can find swifts and bat which make Wind Cave its home.

Fairy Cave – Strange Rock Formation.

Fairy Cave Bau

While you at Bau District you can also check out the Fairy Cave which took ½ hour journey from Wind Cave Nature Reserve. Fairy Cave got its name form the various rock formation that resembles birds and animal. You required torches to explore the interior of the cave.

A proper stairway have been built to make the cave more accessible and also convenient to the cave visitors. A series of concrete walkway were also built both on the way up into the cave entrance and also inside the cave interior. Beside the various strange rock can also came across alters built by the Chinese community from nearby area.

Skuh Gung Cave.

Beside the two caves in Bau District...Skuh Gung Cave located at Kampong Benuk is also easily reached by road. The Kampung Benuk Homestay included a visit to Skuh Gung Cave as one of the activities for their homestay guest. To know more about this cave you can contact Kampung Benuk Homestay owner.

Niah Great Cave – Archeological Site.

Sarawak also have its own prehistorical story...Niah Great Cave located within the Niah National Park ...situated in Miri district is a archeological site. The earliest human remain was found here and prehistoric cave painting adored the cave wall.

Beside the historical significant of Niah Cave...its also the source of bird's nest...the famous Chinese delicacy. It is also home to thousand of bats. There are accommodation available at Niah National Park.

Niah Cave, Miri

Mulu Cave Network – World's Heritage Site.

For more serious Sarawak cave exploring adventure... Mulu network of caves awaits you. Mulu Cave network is located within the Gunung Mulu National Park...a world's Heritage. The impressive cave network stretches some 200 kilometers through the hill.

Among the popular and famous caves within the network are Sarawak Chamber...Deer Cave...Clearwater Cave...just to name a few. There are also other equally spectacular and amazing caves within the network that worth exploring and some are yet to be explore and marked.

The Gunung Mulu National Park management offers a charged scheduled guided tour of these show caves. The local tour operator also have their own caving package. So check the appropriate package that suited your itinerary and your caving experience.

Mulu Cave, Miri

There are other caves in Sarawak that are yet to be explore and make known to the public. Some of these caves are only known to the local community living in the surrounding area.

Sarawak cave exploring is a wonderful and fun filled activities. You might stumble an unexplored route or new species of cave dwellers. To ensure that you have a safe and accident free Sarawak cave exploring do prepared the required caving equipments and ensure that you engaged an experienced tour guide.

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