Sarawak City Sightseeing...Going down the memory lane of Sarawak historical and Cultural events.

Sarawak City Sightseeing is a journey down the memory lane of Sarawak past history and it's people lifestyles. Each Sarawak's city and town have its own unique tourist attraction of both historical and cultural significant. A tour if the city and the areas surrounding is a trip down the memory of Sarawak bygone era.

Being the largest state in the federation of Malaysia...Sarawak have gone through various stage of development and also government.

From a humble fishing village to a developing state...Sarawak history and cultural are intertwine.

Be in Kuching, the Capital city of Miri-the oil town to Limbang... they all have their own share of contribution to the history of Sarawak.

Tua Pek Kong Temple, Kuching Icon

Kuching City Sightseeing.

Kuching is known for it beautiful and clean Waterfront...where you can watch the water ferry...the Tambang ferried their passenger across the Sarawak Kanan. Just across the river stood the new Dewan Undangan Negeri building...the Istana..the official resident of Sarawak Governor, the Orchid Garden, Old Fort Margherita and the old Malays Villages.

The Sarawak Museum..Tua Pek Kong Temple and many more. Kuching City is divided into two section...Kuching City South and Kuching City North. Read More...

Sarikei Pinapple Statue.

Sarikei Attractions.

Sarikei know for its sweet succulent pineapple...Nenas Sarikei ...once a small town by the river has become one of the modern town in Sarawak State.

The iconic Statue of Sarikei Pineapple at the Sarikei Wharf Esplanade welcome you to Sarikei town. Beside the esplanade...other interesting places in Sarikei are Sebangkoi Deer Farm..Sarikei Lake Park....Sarikei Merdeka Park among others. Read More...

Sibu Town Icon, Swan Statue

Sibu, Garden City Tour.

Sibu...Garden City the largest port and commercial centre in the Rejang Basin and the gateway to Central Sarawak....have many interesting sites both within and outside the city. Most of the City attractions are within walking distance of each other.. The Rejang Esplanade..Sibu town Square...Tua Pek Kong Temple...The Gooddess of Mercy Pogoda...just to name a few. Just outside Sibu city are the Malay Kampungs....Bawang Assan Iban Longhouses...Bukit Aup Jubilee Park and the Sungai Merah Heritage Walk.. Read More....

Miri City Tour

Miri, Resort City Tour.

Miri...the oil town of Sarawak as it locally known have gone through tremendous development...with various infrastructure ungraded including tourism facilities. Miri city sightseeing cover many tourist attraction of historical and cultural significant. The narrow warren of streets crammed with tiny shops selling variety of goods. The Tamu Muhibah...colourful native market...Miri City Fan...Canada Hill-The Petroleum Museum...Miri Handicraft Centre...San Ching Tian Temple and many more. Read More...

Taman Tumbina, Bintulu

Bintulu Town Attractions.

Bintulu City is an ideal destination for a quiet and relax vacation with it's nature attraction, the Similajau National Park..Taman Tumbina...longhouses and historical landmarks among others. Read More...

Limbang Mud Volcanoes.

Tour Of Limbang, Northern Region of Sarawak.

Sarawak other town are also equally interesting with their own unique tourist attractions...Limbang..though a remote town have become a major tourist destination for backpackers as a transit point before proceeding to the interior of Sarawak...the Kelabit Highland Trail, the Mud Volcanoes, War memorial, Bukit Mas..Lake Garden...The Limbang Museum...The Chinese Temple among others.  Read More...

As Sarawak are divided into 11 administrative division...Sarawak city sightseeing is an adventure through Sarawak historical and culture transformation....with each town and city offered visitors different perspective of Sarawak's people lifestyle and culture.

Why confined your Sarawak city sightseeing to Kuching...Miri..Sibu.. Sarikei and Limbang when other city and town like Samarahan...Betong...Mukah...Kanowit...Bintulu and Kapit awaits and welcome your visit with open arm.

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