Sarawak Dining...
Savour Sarawak's unique and delectable dishes.

Sarawak dining is a culinary journey though Sarawak's best and favourite gourmet. Be it authentic Sarawak dishes or continental fare...Sarawak is the destinations for your taste buds.

“What to eat and where is the best place to eat in Sarawak?” Or do I have other Choice?

Sarawak has many of its own specialties that are unique and delicious being served at varieties of dining style. From open-air centre hawker stalls to coffee shop-style outlets to high-class restaurants establishments.

Dining out in Sarawak is really a culinary adventure with array of food choice...Sarawak's multi-ethnic population means you are assured of a wide variety of both local and international cuisine.

Seafood delicacies is top of the list for both local and visitors alike...fresh and cheap...being served in varieties of styles...steamboat...deep fried or any style of your choice. You can have them at hawker courts and even at high-class restaurant establishment. Besides seafood delicacies...Sarawak has its own authentic dishes...the famous Sarawak Laksa...Kolok mee...miden fried in shrimp paste...kompia mee among others. Vegetarian food is also available in Sarawak.

Not in for Seafood and local Sarawak delicacies....there are the international delicacies...Chinese...Western...Indian...Indonesian...Japanese and also Korea.

Savour the ordinary to the exotic as you enjoy the local delicacies such as sago grubs, 'temilok' (marine worms), jungle snails and 'umai' (raw fish salad)...or continental fare which is readily available and so the daily staple -rice, which goes with a wide array of deliciously prepared fish, meat and vegetable dishes.

Sarawak Dining experience is a culinary adventure that will satisfy your curiosity and leave you surprisingly satiated.

There are innumerable Sarawak dining outlets from hawker stalls to five stars restaurants which serve a host of International cuisine and also Sarawak ethnic foods. The choice is yours.

Hawker stall and food Courts.

You can find open-air centre hawker stalls and food courts in most of the cities and towns in Sarawak. They offered wide array of local and international delicacies at reasonable prices.

In good and fine weather...dining out al-fresco style is the preferred choice...savour the great food while enjoying the cool evening breeze.

In Kuching centered around Satok...Pertanak ... also along China town-Padungan and Masjid Road. The new Kubah Ria Commercial Centre, dine by the river.

Dining a-fresco style in Miri can be found at Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre...Brooke Road among others.

Taman Selera Harnomi off Awang Ramli Amit road in Sibu serving halal Malay foods..while stalls at Rejang Esplanade served variety of seafood selection and also simple western dishes.

In Bintulu you can dine out at Sommerville Road's Stall...serving variety of Malay foods and also around Shaida Commercial Centre or at Pantai Ria's stalls amidst the cooling sea breeze.

Restaurant, Coffee shops and Fastfood outlets.

You also have the choice of dining out in the comfort of air-conditioned shops dotted the streets and business areas of major town in Sarawak.

Popular Brand of fast food outlets could also be found at most the city and towns, mostly located at popular shopping mall and complex in Sarawak.

Seafood is naturally on the menu in towns by the sea or river. Savour fresh bamboo clams, jelly fish, tiger prawns and crabs that are reasonably priced all year round.

There are numerous seafood restaurants around Kuching city itself... Top Spot Food Court is among the favourite spot...outlets at Kampung Buntal and Santubong...Pending area and also Batu Lintang Centre among others.

Sibu being famous for its fresh and cheap seafood can find number of stalls at Rejang Esplanade and also around the town itself.

With numerous seafood restaurant in Miri serving wide selection of seafood with value for money...finding one is not difficult. You can find them at Yu Seng Road...Brighton Beach and Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre.

You can also find seafood serving in coffee shop and restaurants in other Sarawak's major towns.

Sarawak Fine dining outlets.

Besides the al-fresco style..seafood restaurant and food centre..five-star hotels in Kuching and Miri have fine dining outlets offering both western and oriental cuisine.

In Kuching fine dining are available at Kuching Hilton...Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites...Pullman Kuching just to name a few. These establishment serve wide array of both local and international cuisine

There are also number of fine dining outlets in Miri, Sibu and also Bintulu serving both local and international cuisine.

Sarawak dining is an experience that you won't want to miss given the wide array of tempting and mouth watering seafood....authentic Sarawak dishes and international cuisine. There is always something to suit everyone's taste buds. You'll be spoil for choice as to which dish to order.

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