Sarawak Diving Sites....
A Unique and Unforgettable
Underwater Experience.

Sarawak Diving Sites are easily reached either from Kuching or Miri. These diving sites are close to the shore and can be explore in a day excursion and others need a full day excursion with proper support services and guide.

There are several diving sites in Sarawak with diverse marine life and coral life, making them a truly unique and magnificent site.

While some site, snorkeling is the preferred way to watch the marine life while others site you need scuba diving equipments for a truly underwater experience.

There are some PADI certified and qualified dive instructors in Sarawak that provide both driving courses and also diving tours. They also provide scuba diving equipment and accommodation arrangement with dive resorts and boat transfer for you to Sarawak diving sites.

The most frequent dive sites in Sarawak are off shore of the coast of Miri Division. While Luconia Shoals can only be accessed by live abroad dive boats other site are within one day boat journey…making them an ideal site for a day excursion.

Luconia Shoals which is lies off the North Western coast of Sarawak has varies underwater topography from shallow stretches of enchanting carol gardens to magnificent drop-off. Luconia Shoals is divided into North and South.

The South Luconia Shoals sites consist Fan Drop, Surgeon Route, Eastern Wall, Rock Hard Drift and Western Wall. The dive sites range from easy and relaxing to steps wall between 12 to 40m with strong current.

The reef at South Luconia Shoals are very nicely covered with coral, gorgonian fans and sponges, various fish species…large pelagics like sharks, dogtooth tunas, rainbow runners and snappers can be seen in the vicinity.

On the North Luconia Shoals are the Solomon Backyard, Manta Avenue, Neptune Valley also called Hayes Reef Region and Die Hard, White Tip Cruise, Coral Garden also called Aitken Reef Region.

These diving sites are a wall diving ranging from 12m to 40m drop with beautiful coral formation covered with soft and hard corals. Expect to encounter barracuda, snappers, tuna and occasionally manta rays.

As Luconia Shoals diving site can only be accessed by live abroad drive boats you are advise to check with the local dive operator on the arrangement.

Beside the Luconia Shoals...Sarawak diving sites in Miri division are;

The Sri Gading Wreck located east of Miri is a cargo ship wreckage with varieties of fish life.

Giant Groupers make Grouper Patch their home sharing with other marine life…Spiny lobster, yellow tails and other schooling fishes.

Napolean Wrasses, Yellow tails fusiliers and large grouper make Tukau Drop-Off reef their playground with occasional visit from sharks an trumpet fish.

Santak Point with an average visibility of 100 feet or more is thriving with large gorgonian fan.

The Sunday Reef should not be miss by underwater photographer as the site is richly inhabited reef with anemones, clown fish and Nudibranchs.

And so do the picturesque Batu Belais reef with gorgonian trees and sea fans sharing with Batfish playing among the long swaying sea whips.

The Seafan Garden got its name from the amazing varieties of gorgonian sea fans grown at the site sharing them with sea whips and schooling bat fish.

The Anemone Garden is among the most interesting reefs off Miri shore with a depth range of 30 to 50 feet…thriving with hard and soft corals with varieties of marine life.

The Eve’s Garden is a shallow reef covered by soft corals and home to giant anemones and clown fishes.

Even though visibility is not always good at Atago Maru wreck which is located just off Lutong…nevertheless the site is worth the dive.

Beside the various Sarawak diving sites off Miri, Pulau Talang Talang lying off the Sematan River mouth is a protected turtle sanctuary for green hawksbill and olive ridely turtles.

A wreckage of the Japanese Troop Carrier…the Katori Maru located about 50km from the mainland but there is not much to see and the visibility is poor. There are also a number of shipwreck site off shore of Santubong in Kuching Division.

Even though there are not many diving sites in Sarawak…nevertheless these site are equally fascinating and unique and worth the dive. Beside the diving sites in Sarawak there are also fascinating and beautiful scuba diving places in Malaysia. 

The Sarawak Tourism Board together with the local dive operators and travel agents are promoting Sarawak as one of the preferred diving site in region.

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