Sarawak Historical sites...A glimpse of Sarawak by-gone era.

Sarawak Historical sites encompassing historical sites...buildings and monuments that have play a significant role in shaping Sarawak to the present state.

These sites are widespread throughout Sarawak from Kuching in the South to Limbang Division in the North.

They are being gazetted as historical sites...buildings and monuments either under the Antiquities Ordinance or Sarawak Culture Heritage Ordinance.

During the Brooke Era many Forts or Kubu were being built to keep peace and gained control of the surrounding administrative area.

These forts were built ideally overlooking the river...providing a strategic view of the incoming and outgoing river vessels.

These forts played a significant role in keeping peace during the White Rajah era. Some of these forts are being restored and maintained...converted to museum or even administrative centre.

Fort Syliva Kapit

Among those that are still standing and being restored are Fort Lily in Betong Division...Fort Alice in Sri Aman...Fort Sylvia in Kapit...Fort Margharita in Kuching and Fort Hose in Marudi.

Fort Margharita KuchingFort Margharita - Kuching, Sarawak.

Some of the historical building in Sarawak still served its purpose...The Astana Building built in 1870 is still the official residence of the Sarawak Governor or the “Tuan Yang Terutama”...

Astana KuchingOfficial Residence of Sarawak Governor- Astana.

the neoclassical style Kuching General Post Office still served it purpose, servicing Kuching residents in general and Sarawak as a whole. 

Kuching Genral Post OfficeThe neoclassical style Kuching General Post Office.

While some are being restored and used for different purpose for example...the Malay Maderasah building which is located behind the Dewan Tun Abdul Razak is now housed the Islamic Museum

Islamic Museum KuchingFormely the Malay Maderasah - Islamic Museum.

and the Pavilion which once housed the Sarawak Education office is now housed the Textile Museum.. showcases the various type of textile and cloth of the local communities and also the neighbouring Kalimantan, Indonesia. It also showcased the style and method in producing the fabric and the cloth.

Sarawak Textile MuseumSarawak Pavillion housed the Textile Museum.

The historical sites that are found in Sarawak were site of earlier settlement of Sarawak's people. Archaeological finding showed a significant commerce and industry being carried out by the people living there.

World renowned is the Niah Cave in Miri. Others are the Bongkissam...Sungai Jaong...Bukit Maras...Tanjong Kudor and Tanjong Tegok in Santubong in Kuching Division.

Other historical sites worth mentioned also are the Bidayuh Settlement...The Bung Bratak in Bau...Gua Sireh in Serian...Samarahan Division and Temenggong Tandok longhouse site in Saratok.

There are also the historical monuments which were being built to commemorate and acknowledge the significant role played by the person or structure to the area and Sarawak as a whole. These sites and monuments are being gazetted as Sarawak Culture Heritage under the Sarawak Culture and Heritage Ordinance 1993.

Among them are the Air Raid Shelter at Park Lane in Kuching...Sultan Tengah Tomb in Santubong...

Sultan Tengah TombSultan Tengah Tomb - Santubong.

Batu Penanda Sempadan...Batu Taman Demong in Ulu Kerian and Lumbong Rentap in Julau.

These Sarawak historical sites...buildings and monuments had played a significant role in molding and shaping Sarawak today.

Being gazetted as historical sites...buildings and monuments provide the future generation the opportunity to learn and study the history of Sarawak by-gone era.

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