Sarawak Homestay – Experience the Traditional hospitality and Communal lifestyle of Sarawak People.

Sarawak Homestay programme are located throughout Sarawak which involved the various indigenous community of Sarawak people coming from different culture background and lifestyle. The accommodation styles and activities different according to the programme location and community involved.

There are also the luxury homestay home located around the city areas across Sarawak, provided a convenient and strategic location for the visitors.

While staying with the local are exposed to a fascinating culture rarely glimpsed in urban neighborhood. The food you eat...the activities involved and the culture of each community are authentically local..

To give you an overview of Sarawak people's culture and lifestyle...I have choice one homestay participant from each community in Sarawak....the Malay Community...the Iban Community...the Bidayuh Community...the Melanau Community among others.


Kampung Benuk Homestay Programme ... Bidayuh Community.

Kampung Benuk Homestay is located South of Kuching in the Penrissen area...Kuching Division. It is a 45 minutes journey by bus or private vehicle to Kampung Benuk...a Bidayuh Village. Kampung Benuk population of three thousand are mainly involve in traditional farming. Some still stay in the traditional longhouse while the rest live in more modern village house.

The homestay programme offers you an excellent opportunity to experience exotic culture...warmth and friendly Bidayuh hospitality along with nature at its best. Among the activities that awaits you to experience and enjoy are...

  • a visit to the traditional Bidayuh Longhouse.
  • a visit to the Baruk or Panggah where you can see humans skull hanging from the ceiling.
  • a visit to the Kampung Benuk Mini Museum where you can see some of the community antique.
  • experience for yourself river crossing on bamboo bridge or the Tiboyan as it know locally as you trekking with your host to their pepper and rubber garden.
  • trekking through the jungle to see the Legendary Junk Stone and also the Skuh Gung Cave.
  • other activities like visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre...MPP Orchid Garden and Pottery factory can be arrange with your host in advance.

The accommodation are well equipped with fan...bathroom and other basic necessities. Within Kampung Benuk itself you can find Multi-purpose community hall...village clinic...library with internet access...bus stop...public toilets just to name a few. The village also have Tourist Information Centre where you can get more information about the village and its population. 

Kampong Senau Homestay...Melanau Community.

Kampong Senau Homestay is a unique Melanau coastal Village located in Oya area in Mukah Division. The Village is blessed with beauty...charm and attraction of tropical paradise. If you're looking for eco-tourism activities and outdoor experience...Kampung Senau is for you.

The journey from Mukah town by road is about 30 minutes and by water taxi from Oya itself is almost the same. Your stay at the village would both memorable and wonderful experience with the various activities awaits you among them...

  • a visit to the traditional Melanau Fishermen Village.
  • enjoy a stroll along the beautiful beaches.
  • enjoy and experience the Melanau local delicacies of Umai - raw fresh fish salad.

The accommodation are fullboard within the private home of the local community. To learn more about Kampong Senau - Sarawak Homestay and their activities you can contact Mr.Awangku Omarali or Ms Lian at +6084-871 416 or +6013-856 3041.

Rumah Patrick Libau, Niah ... Iban Community.

Rumah Patrick Libau is an Iban longhouse located next to the Niah National Park in the Miri Division. The Longhouse is accessible by road either from Miri or Bintulu. To get to the longhouse you can either take road via Ladang Kosa Palm Oil Plantation at Km 89 Miri-Bintulu Road or take the 3.5km plankwalk from the Niah National Park Site Office.

Rumah Patrick Libau Sarawak Homestay programme is unique because it combines traditional Iban hospitality with archaeological wonders and a natural heritage. Rumah Patrick Libau Homestay offer you an excellent opportunity to...

  • watch the live performance of Iban traditional dance and music.
  • watch the traditional ways of processing paddy to rice.
  • watch the weaving or betenun of Pua Kumpu and other local handicaft demonstration.
  • experience for yourself the traditional method of river fishing...cook and enjoy your day catch at the river bank.
  • watch a demonstration of swords making and its sheath.
  • watch a demonstration of preparing and cooking of Ayam Pansoh and Kueh Jala and experience the taste for yourself.

Accommodation at Rumah Patrick Libau Homestay is a Bilek at the Iban Longhouse equipped with modern facilities. To learn more about other activities at Rumah Patrick Libau Sarawak can contact Niah National Park at +6085-737 450 or Miri Visitor Information at +6085-434 181

Kampung Telaga Air Homestay...The Malay Community.

Kampung Telaga Air is a Malay fishing village located 35km from Kuching City. Th journey to the village via Kuching-Matang Road is bout 45 minutes. As the village is situated at the mouth of Sarawak River you will be able to see the typical views of river..waterfront and mangroves

The village close proximity to the Kubah National Park and the Matang Wildlife Centre make it an suitable accommodation for outside visitors .The accommodation at the village is fullboard in private home equipped with fan, bathroom and sanitation facilities.

Among the activities offers by the programme are...

  • a visit to the Traditional Malay fishermen Village.
  • a visit to the Telaga Air historical well.
  • a educational tour to the Traditional boat making factory for a demonstration of boat making process.
  • those looking for scuba diving site can make arrangement with the host.

To learn more about other activities offers by Kampong Telaga Air Sarawak Homestay programme can contact Encik Mahmud Montot at +6082-383054

The Sarawak Homestay programme are either initiated by the Government or private individual to provide visitors to Sarawak the opportunity to experience and enjoy the multi-culture and lifestyle of multi-racial community of Sarawak.

There are Sarawak homestay accommodations located around Kuching Division. You can also find a number of community based accommodations around Samarahan Division.

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