Sarawak Interior Towns ... A Cultural Kaleidoscope of Sarawak Indigenous People.

Sarawak Interior towns which are home to a cultural kaleidoscope of Sarawak Indigenous people are located upstream or in the hinterland of Sarawak vast interior.

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These remote and small Sarawak towns are either accessible by river transport or air flight. The journey to these remote towns may take a few hours to one or two days depending on the weather condition and the water level.

These interior towns of Sarawak also function as the administrative and economic centre of the various administrative division of Sarawak.

Sarawak remote town can be divided into 3 regions...Southern region...Central region and the Northern region.

Sarawak Southern Region

In the Southern region...the take off point to these remote towns is from Kuching either by inter-town bas services which could be boarded at the 4th. Regional Bas terminal...Kuching-Serian road. You can travel all the way to Limbang town Limbang town in the north via Brunei by road from Kuching.

Along the way you will come to small town like Serian in the Samarahn Division...Sri Aman in Sri Aman Division.

Bau which was once a gold mining town is also accessible from Kuching city by road and so do Lundu town with many beautiful beaches and the Gunung Gading National Park.

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Sarawak Central Region.

Sibu is the take off point for those going to the central region interior towns. You have the choice of taking the express boat...boarding at the Sibu Express Boat Wharf or using the regional bas service. From Sibu town you can travel up the Mighty Rejang river to Kanowit and Kapit in the Kapit Division.

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Along the Mighty Rejang River are dotted with Iban Longhouses and also the Orang Ulu at the upper Pelagus rapids. A small town of Belaga where you can find the Kayan and Kenyah community is a trading post for the nomadic Penan coming to trade their jungle produce. The Orang Ulu community are famous for the beautiful beadworks and wood carving.

Sarawak Northern Region

While Miri City is the focal point for gateway to the northern region remote towns. From Miri city you can travel by air to the Kelabit Highland or take a road tour via Brunei to get to Limbang and Lawas.

Lawas Waterfront

Many Iban and Orang Ulu longhouse could be found dotted the Baram River and it tributaries.

Even though these remote town are less attractive in terms of night life and the glamour city life...quiet and peaceful surrounding provide a serene and tranquil vacation experience in Sarawak interior towns.

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