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Sarawak longhouses visit is a one in a life time experience that you won't want to miss during your Sarawak vacation. These longhouses are located in the interior of Sarawak...some are readily reached in a day journey by road...other are only accessible by boat.

These longhouses sit on stilts and normally contained 30 to 50 rooms or bilek one for each family. There are not many of traditionally built longhouses left due to modern influence.

As the longhouses are built high above the need to climb a noted tree trunk to get to the longhouse.

In the old days the longhouses were built in such a way for the safety of the dwellers from wild animals and also their enemies. These longhouses were once home to the Iban...Bidayuh and also the Orang Ulu ethnic group.

A visit to Sarawak longhouses will open you mind to understand more about Sarawak ethnic community lifestyle and also their daily activities. Some of these longhouses are deep in the interior and only accessible by boat and trekking through the dense tropical rainforest...other are easily reached by road in a day journey.

You can contact Sarawak Local travel agent for Sarawak longhouses visit arrangement or the Sarawak homestay owners. As these homestay owners are also from the local community therefore they have better access to these longhouses. As the longhouses dwellers are mostly farmers and most of the time they are not available so it is advisable to make prior arrangement.

The Bidayuh longhouses could be found in Kuching division and easily reached in a day journey. The most popular and frequently visited are the Kampong Benuk and Annah Rais Longhouses.

Kampung Annah Rais Longhouse

The Kanpong Annah Rais longhouse is one of the very few surviving Bidayuh Longhouses in Sarawak. The journey by road from Kuching City to this Bidayuh Longhouse took about one hour half which is located in the Padawan Area.The trip to the longhouse can be arrange through Annah Rais Homestay or the local tour agents. To experience the lifestyle of the Bidayuh community in Kampong Annah Rais...prior arrangement can be make with the Annah Rais Homestay which you can contact at email or booking here.

The other Bidayuh Longhouse that you can visit is the Kampong Benuk Longhouse located in Penrissen area....the journey by road to Kampong Benuk took less than an hour from Kuching City passes Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Sarawak Tranport Bus Company service this route...bus No 6 boarding at Mosque Road Bus Station in Kuching City. In Kampong Benuk itself you can stay at Kampong Benuk Homestay. The homestay included longhouse visit in their package. To learn more about Kampong Benuk Longhouse you can contact Mr.Ewing anak Cnong at +6014-8821551 

Kampung Benuk Longhouse

Beside the Bidayuh Longhouses...there are also the Iban Longhouses you can visit and experience their unique lifestyles and learn about their headhunting stories. As these Iban longhouses are located by the riverside in the interior of Sarawak...the only way to reached them is by longboats.

The most popular and frequently visited Iban longhouses are located in Sri Aman Division The first one is the Batang Ai Iban Longhouse which is located within the Batang Ai National Park. The journey took 4 hours by road first from Kuching City. You can make Sarawak Longhouses visit arrangement either with the local tour operator or Hilton Kuching as they operate The Batang Ai Hilton Longhouse.

Iban Longhouse

The other Iban Longhouse that is located also in Sri Aman Division is the Skrang Iban Longhouse situated by the Skrang River. The journey to this longhouse is firstly by road and then by longboat up the Batang Skrang passes through the beautiful and greenery amidst overhanging foliage. Your arrival would be greeted with traditional dances and music and be served the tuak a special wine from rice.

There are other Iban Longhouses that you can visit and you're welcome to stay a day or two to experience their lifestyles and culture. Worth mentioning are the Rumah Partick Libau near to Niah National Park in Miri...Kampung Rayu near to Kubah National Park in Kuching and also another one within Gunung Mulu National Park.

As the Orang Ulu longhouses are located deep in the interior of Sarawak...not many operator offered a visit to these location. This does not meant that you cannot visit them. The journey to these location are either by air or days of trekking so it is advisable to check with the local tour operator or the Sarawak Tourist Information for further details.

Orang Ulu Longhouse at SCV

If you're on a short Sarawak vacation but would like to know more about Sarawak's people lifestyles and can visit Sarawak Cultural Village....Sarawak Living Museum located at the foot of the legendary Mount Santubong. At SCV you be able to see the various models of Sarawak ethnic community longhouses.

Sarawak longhouses visit are an exciting and wonderful experience on the tribal lifestyles and culture of Sarawak ethnic communities.

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