Sarawak Mountain Climbing...
The BEST way to discover Sarawak Rich Nature Beauty and Uniqueness.

Sarawak Mountain Climbing range from easy walk in the cool comforts of the lowland tropical rainforest to the more challenging highland montane vegetation. It is the best way to discover the rich nature beauty of Sarawak flora and fauna.

If you're looking for nature adventure...Sarawak mountains await to be explore. The duration of the climb range form one day to 5 days depending on one fitness and also the accessibility of the site. Most of the mountains in Sarawak are located deep in the interior...only accessible by air and jungle trekking.

Some could be reached first by road like the popular...the legendary Mount Santubong in Damai. As some of the site are not yet well is advisable to engaged a experience guide service or the local people.

Mountain Climbing Adventure in Kuching.

Mount Santubong is the most popular and the preferred site for beginners and weekend climbers as the climb can be done in a day. There are many accommodation available near by....Damai Puri Resort and Spa...Permai Rainforest Resort...One Hotel Santubong among them. These hotels also include climbing Mount Santubong in their outdoors activities.

The trail at Mount Santubong are color coded and well marked equipped with rope rails and ladders. The initial journey is easy as you climb through dense tropical rainforest with different varieties of tree species and also wild flowers. As you get higher up the mountain...the gradient become steeper and the vegetation types gradually changes.

Along the way you have to climb rope ladder built on the rock cliff. It can be quite slippery during wet do take the necessary safety precaution at all time. There are few viewing and rest stations being built along the route for your do make full use and do it with consideration.

Your tired and difficult journey to the peak is worth it as you will be rewarded with the stunning and magnificent view of Kuching city and its surrounding area. There is a camp site on the peak if you prefer to spend the night to rest your tired and aching body and take the climb down the next day.

Beside Mount Santubong...Mount Serapi which is accessible by the Gunung Serapi Sumit Trail at Kubah National Park in Matang. The journey to the summit took about 3 to 3 ½ hours from the Park headquaters. Mount Serapi is one of Kubah National Park's most popular walk. Mount Serapi housed the Telecommunication Tower for Sarawak.

Your journey to the summit is worth it as you'll be rewarded with a stunning view of Kuching City, Mount Santubong...the coastline of the south-west Sarawak and also the mountain peaks that mark Sarawak border with Indonesia.

If you would like to view the amazing sunrise and sunset....camping at the summit would be the best option...but do inform the National Park authority about your plan.

Gunung Gading which is located within the Gunung Gading National Park in Lundu is also one of the popular mountain climbing site in Sarawak. The journey to the summit took about 7 to 8 hours for adequate preparation is required....drink and also food.

You will climb significant amount of hill on the way to the summit so your fitness level must be reasonable fit. As Gunung Gading National Park is a conservation're advise to check with the park headquarters for details about this route and the necessary permit.

    Mount Penrissen is located in the Penrissen area is accessible via Borneo Highland Resort and club. The journey through dense jungle and across stream took 2 days to and fro. As the route are not well marked are advise to engaged the service of experience guide or a local who know the area well.

Borneo Highlands Resort include Mount Penriseen climbing as one of their outdoor activities that are being offer to their guest. The route to the peak are lined with varieties of fruit trees and also other trees species and if you're lucky you might spot some animals along the way. As the journey is a overnight be prepare adequately with food....drink and also a change of cloths. For your safety do inform the necessary authority of your journey.

Gunung Mulu located within Gunung Mulu National Park is among the most popular and also the most challenging Sarawak Mountain climbing adventure. It should be attempt with the service of experience guide and also with good fitness level.

The journey to the summit took about 4 to 5 days along the Head Hunter sufficient food utensils and water should be prepared for the journey. There are number of wooden huts being built along the trail to provide shelter for overnight stops.

The journey took you through dense tropical rainforest...across streams and overs hills. The journey to the summit is worth the pain as you'll be rewarded with the stunning view of needle pointed sharp limestone rock or the Pinancles. This climb should be attempt in a group and with the service of experienced guide.

Beside the mountains mentioned above...there are many other mountains in Sarawak that you can attempt. These mountains are accessible by trekking through thick forest and passes the local ethnic communities kampong. Among them are Bukit Batu Buli and Bukit Batu Lawi located in the Kelabit Highlands

Sarawak Mountain Climbing is fun and exciting as you can experience the different flora and fauna in their nature habitats. As the journey took quite sometime and through difficult prepare adequately in term of physical fitness and also equipment and cloths.

To make your Sarawak Mountain Climbing experience a pleasant one....all climb should be accompanied by experienced guide and in small manageable groups. Don't spoiled your Sarawak vacation with an unwanted incidents.

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