Sarawak Museum a Splendors displays of ethnographic Collection Of Sarawak.

Sarawak Museum houses and displays historical documents and artifacts...archaeological specimens...and religious materials associated with the traditions and beliefs of the people of Sarawak.

Take a trip back in time and be inspired by the culture and heritage of Sarawak and its people. Currently there are twelve museum awaiting you to explore and visit. The building of which housed the museum are historical themselves...surviving the age.

Majority of the museum could be found in Kuching..the capital city of Sarawak..other are scattered throughout the state itself.

Sarawak Museum which straddling both sides of Tun Abang Haji Open Road in Kuching Division is the oldest among them. It has one of the best collection in South East Asia.

The oldest wing, opened in 1891 was designed in the style of a Normandy town-house. The exhibits range from ethnographic collection to the oil industry in Sarawak.

Sarawak Museum.

The new wing...Dewan Tun Abdul Razak across the footbridge is used for events and exhibitions. The new wing houses several rotating exhibition galleries...the museum admin centre...a cafe...souvenir shop and an activity centre.

Dewan Tun Razak

The Art Museum is located on the left side of the way up to the Sarawak Museum...displays a wide collection of paintings...ranging from the Brooke period to present time.

Art Museum Sarawak

The Natural Museum is located before the Art Museum...which housed preserved and reassembled skeletons of mammals...invertebrates..reptiles among others endemic to Sarawak or Borneo.

Nature History Museum

      On the museum grounds there is an Aquarium, the botanical gardens and the Heroes Memorial. Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm except public holidays.

War Heros Memorial

The Islamic Museum is located on Jalan P.Ramlee in the beautifully restored Maderasah Melayu Building displays exhibits about the rich historical heritage and special culture of the Sarawak muslim community and the region as a whole.

Islamic Museum Kuching

It is also accessible from the rear of the Sarawak Museum's new wing. The museum consist of 7 galleries set around a central courtyard garden, each with a different theme. Islam in Sarawak...Islamic Architecture...Islamic Science and technology just to name a few.

The Chinese History Museum located at Kuching Waterfront opposite the Tua Pek Kong Temple. It traces the history of the Sarawak Chinese Community in Sarawak. Exhibits include the early trade routes...initial migration from the various regions of China.

Chinese Museum Kuching

The information include the geographical distribution of the early pioneers...traditional trading activities...the formation of trade and community associations. The political history and the involvement of the Chinese community in modern...multi-racial Sarawak.

Chinese Museum Exhibits.

           The Textile Museum housed in the Pavilion Building located at Tun Haji Abang Open in Kuching Division showcases Sarawak's beautiful and fascinating textiles from the various races in Sarawak. Most notable of which are the "pua kumbu" and the Malay Kain Songket.

Sarawak Textile Museum

The museum is divided into four main galleries depicting the processes of the preparation of raw materials...weaving...costume motifs....accessories and wedding costumes.

Kain Songket Weaving Demo

    On the ground floor to the right is the souvenir shop selling Sarawak Handicrafts at a reasonable price.

Kuching Cat Museum which is located on the ground floor of Kuching North City Hall Headquarter entertains feline lovers and also useful research centre outlining the history, legends and various beliefs about Cats.

Kuching Cat Museum Exhibits

The Niah Archaeological Museum is situated close to the archaeological site of the Niah Cave in Miri Division...displays the pre-historical artifacts and culture of the area. The museum was built in 1998.

Niah Archaeological Museum

Limbang Regional Museum is house in the historical Fort located in Limbang Division displaying the historical and culture of the Limbang people and the surroundings.

Limabng Regional Museum

The Baram Regional Museum displaying historical and cultural artifacts belonging to the various ethnic groups living in the Baram region.

The Miri Petroleum Science Museum is located on top Bukit Tenaga(formerly known as Bukit Kanada) in Miri Division. An interactive displays of petroleum industry in the region and Sarawak as a whole.

The museum have amazing displays and interactive exhibits depicting the role played by science and technology in oil exploration...production...refining and distribution.

Petroleum Museum Miri

Whether you are a historical buff or just curious about Sarawak history and its people...Sarawak museum is the place to start your journey. The variety of exhibits on various subject make an interesting learning experience.

There also a number of artifacts and literature on history of Sarawak and it's government at London Museum.

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