Sarawak Nature Adventure...A Host of Nature based activities and eco-tourism.

Sarawak Nature Adventure offers an exciting choice of nature based activities and eco-tourism for all ages and groups in Sarawak...East Malaysia. Cave exploration, diving, hiking and many more.

These nature based activities offers nature adventurers an opportunity to experience the diverse natural wealth of SarawakSarawak Nature Adventure comes in the form of...

Sarawak Birding Adventure.

Sarawak Birding

Bird watching or birding in Sarawak could be carry out at the coastal mangrove...lowland forest and also mountain forest.

With it vast rainforest and long coastal line...Sarawak provides ample birding site to both novice and expert bird watchers. There are number of bird species in Sarawak, some are migratory bird and some are local species.

Some migratory species can only be sighted at certain month of the year so it best to check with the local bird watching group or the local tour agent or the local nature society

Sarawak Jungle Trekking Adventure.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking through Sarawak many National Parks...Nature Reserves and Highland provides a great opportunity to you to experienced the different vegetation and the rural lifestyle of Sarawak Indigenous groups. 

The route range from easy and less tiring to more energy sapping adventure...could be completed in a matters of hours to several days passing through villages and over mountains.

Sarawak Mountain Climbing Adventure.

Sarawak Mountain Adventur

Mountain climbing in Sarawak is a unique way to discover Sarawak Nature beauty and its flora and fauna uniqueness. Some of the mountains in Sarawak can be explore in a day like the legendary Mount Santubong in Kuching Division to a few days return journey to reach Mount Mulu in Miri Division. 

Gushing waterfalls and river crossing add to the adventure along the way. You will be rewarded with awe-inspiring sights and discoveries with each ascent you make.

Diving and Snorkeling Adventure In Sarawak.

Sarawak Underwater Lif

Diving and snorkeling in Sarawak is an exciting and forgettable experience of Sarawak underwater marine and fish life. Some resort in Sarawak have a working arrangement with PADI Certified and qualified dive instructor to provide diving courses and also driving tour. 

The tropical waters support an underwater ecosystem of magnificent coral reefs...diverse fish species and other marine life. The popular diving sites could be found offshore Miri and Kuching offshore. There are old ship wrecks offshore Kuching and also Miri.

CavE EXPLORATION Adventure in Sarawak.

Sarawak Cave Adventur

Cave exploring is Sarawak often involved wading across rivers...streams...swimming through underground rivers...squeezing through rocks and crevices.

Sarawak caves are mostly found in the interior part of Sarawak which some are world renowned while others are only known locally. Some cave exploration can be done in a an hour or two, some needed proper caving equipment and expert guide guidance.

Beside mountain climbing...caving...jungle trekking...there are also the 4X4 off road adventure...mountain biking and also water rafting.

Going for Nature adventure in Sarawak gives you the opportunity to have a close encounter and experience with Sarawak nature.

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