Sarawak Nature Attraction..Diverse Eco-treasures for a Unique Nature adventure Vacation.

Sarawak Nature Attraction encompassing National park...Wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation and also Nature reserves in Sarawak...East Malaysia.

Sarawak vast primeval rainforest is considered to be one of the hidden paradise of Borneo with it unique and rich ecological and environmental natural assets. Sarawak indeed has much to offer to nature lovers in the form of exotic flora and fauna in their natural environment.

Indeed many of the visitors to Sarawak are coming to just to experience the unique adventure vacations. Being having the most extensive protected area networks in Malaysia....Sarawak Natural wonders...exotic flora and fauna and endangered species could best be experience in its;

Sarawak National Park

Sarawak  National Park

National Parks which spread though out the length of Sarawak... Bako National Park in Kuching Division to Gunung Mulu National Park in Miri Division. Sarawak extensive array of national parks are ideal for communing with nature and discovering her secrets.

The National parks posses its own ecosystem and wildlife...from swampy mangroves...diptercocarp forests to montane hillscapes. Read More....

Sarawak Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Orang Utan At Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The wildlife sanctuaries which were gazetted primarily to protect rare and endangered endemics species of Sarawak flora and fauna. Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary in Lundu...Kuching Division and Sibuti Bird Sanctuary in Miri division among others.

These wildlife sanctuaries are unique by itself as there being inhabited by endemic species...unique to a particular area. Read More....

Sarawak Nature Reserves.

Wind Cave Forest Rserves, Bau

Nature reserves which are similar to the National Park but in smaller scale. The reserves is constituted to conserve the flora...fauna and the aesthetic value of the whole area either education...research or education.

Currently there are 5 nature reserves in Sarawak...3 in Kuching division and 2 in Limbang. Some have become a popular weekend getaway destination both among the local and visitors. Read More....

Kuching Wetlands National Park.

Kuching Wetlands. Kuching

Kuching wetlands National Park which cover an area of 6,610 hectares on the estuarine reaches of the Sibu Laut and Salak rivers is about 15km from Kuching.

The park is mostly comprised of a saline mangrove system which include an extensive networks of marine waterways and tidal creeksRead More....

Sarawak hot spring.

Annah Rais Hot Spring

Sarawak also as a number of hot springs which are accessible by the public equipped with amenities for the public convenient. Among them are the Merarap Hot spring in Lawas,  Kampong Anna Rais Hotspring, Kampung Panchor Dayak Hotspring and Paku in Bau. There are others which are yet to be discovered and develop into tourist sites.

Sarawak is an ideal nature vacation destination with its rainforest hosting a bewildering array of exotic and protected plants and animals. Offering varied experiences to satisfy the adventure and nature lover's quest.

Sarawak Nature attraction sites offered natural adventure in the form of mountain climbing...caving...diving and many more adventure with nature.

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