Sarawak Nature Reserves...Centre for Uniquely Sarawak Flora and Fauna Conservation and Rehabilitation.

Sarawak Nature Reserves is constituted to conservation and rehabilitation of Sarawak flora-fauna.

Sarawak Nature Reserves are similar to the National park but smaller in size. The reserves is constituted to conserve the flora...fauna and the aesthetic value of the whole are either for education...research or recreation.

Sarawak currently has 5 nature reserves under the custody of Sarawak Forest Corporation.

3 of them are located in Kuching Division and the other two are located in Limbang Division. Not all the Reserves are accessible to the public. Some have become a popular spot among the public either for recreation or leisure.

Wind Cave Nature reserve, Bau.

Wind Cave Bau

Wind Cave Nature reserve is located 5 km southwest of the Bidi Road. The Reserve cover an area of approximately 155.4 square kilometers. It is accessible by the newly completed tar-sealed road with ample parking bay adjacent to the Sungei Sarawak Kanan.

The Wind Cave Nature Reserve is well patronize both by local and outsiders. It has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Bau beside Fairy Cave.

A network of plankwalk was build to make the cave accessible and safe for the public to explore. A gentle reminder...the plankwalk is slippery due to the presence of bats and swiftlets dropping. You'll need torch light to explore the interior of the cave as currently no lighting facilities inside the cave. A walk along the plankwalk, you will see the different formation of stalagmites and stalactites. You will also be able to see the swiftlets nesting high up on the cave ceiling.

There are varieties of flora and fauna both outside and also inside the cave. The small beach adjacent to the Sarawak Kanan River make it a favourite picnic and swimming spot. Read More...

Sama Jaya Nature Reserves, Kuching.

Samajaya Forest Reserv

Sama Jaya Nature Reserves or Taman Rimba Sama Jaya as it know locally is located within the suburb of Tabuan Jaya Township. The reserves covered an area approximately 18 hectares of mostly kerangas forest.

The reserves is accessible by road...making it a popular recreation and leisure spot to not only Tabuan Jaya resident but also those from outside of Tabuan Jaya. To get to Sama Jaya Nature Reserves by public can board at the Mosque Road bus terminal..which will stop just outside the entrance to the reserves.

Sama Jaya Nature Reserves is the first Urban Forestry project undertaken by the Sarawak Forest Department with the primary objective of promoting the concept of multiple uses of forests for...outdoor recreation...nature conservation education...nature based-tourism among others.

Various facilities are available for the public to use either for recreation or education. Among them are the cycling and jogging track...Foot Reflexology..and more. There are also the Visitor Centre...Baruk Shelter...Timber Products & Bamboo Museum...just to name a few.

The cycling and jogging track...reflexology walk and canteen are open from 6.00 am to 6.30 pm daily. The other facilities are open only during office hours that is from 8.30am to 4.15pm. Read More....

Semenggoh Nature Reserves, Kuching.

Semenggoh Forest Reserve

Semenggoh Nature Reserves is located 20km south of Kuching...readily accessible by road. Sarawak Bus Company bus No. 6 which stop right outside the main entrance can be board at Mosque Road Bus terminal from Kuching City Centre. Transport arrangement can also be made with the hotels you're staying or the local travel agents.

The reserves has became an important site for Sarawak Forest Department experiment studies and houses an arboretum...a wildlife rehabilitation centre...botanical research centre among others.

The centre is made popular by the rehabilitation of the Orang Utan. The best time to visit the reserves is during the feeding time which is 9.00am and 3.00 pm. The reserves is open daily to the public from 8.00 am – 12.30 noon and 1.30 – 5.15pm. Read More.....

The other two Sarawak Nature Reserves located in Limbang division are the Bukit Hitam Nature Reserves and the Bukit Sembiling Nature Reserves.

As Sarawak Natures Reserves are protected area... permit are required for admission. Some of these reserves charge a nominal fee.

Experience and enjoy Sarawak nature beauty and wonders at the numerous Sarawak National Park found around Sarawak.

Sarawak rare...endangered plant and animal species are being protected and given proper care at the number of Sarawak Wildlife Sanctuaries.

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