Sarawak People is Unity in Diversity

Sarawak People...Role Model of religion and Culture Tolerance at its Best...A Unity In Diversity.

Sarawak community is unity in diversity with the various races living together in peace and harmony. There are ample example of this diversity in the communities, intermarriage and also in the daily activities of the Sarawak people. Sarawak community...A rich multicultural state with distinctive lifestyles...culture...language. A unity in diversity.

Composition of Sarawak Community

Sarawak such a vast state...but surprisingly sparsely population of about 2 million yet fascinating and diverse mix of almost thirty ethnic groups.

Let the romance of Sarawak's rich cultural diversity set the stage for your perfect vacation.

The population is mainly composed of the Iban tribe with a mix of Chinese and Malays while the Bidayuh..Melanau and the Orang Ulu comprise a minority of the population.

The Malays Community.

The Malays, renowned for their beautifully crafted wooden home, of which some can still be admired along the bank of the Sarawak River in Kuching.

They are also known for their "kain songket" and "Selayah keringkan"(textiles woven in gold and silver tread). They are also excellent silverware and brassware crafters. As literature plays an important role in their lives, the "pantun" or poetry is a popular pastime with young and old alike wile"bergendang" is popular among the youth and during festival.

The Chinese Community.

The Chinese have been in Sarawak since the 8th.Century AD. Firstly as seafaring explorers followed by the migration of traders. Today, the Chinese are an integral part of Sarawak's business community...sharing theirs trades and cuisines.

There are various clans of Chinese in Sarawak...depending on their place of origin. You can learn more about the community origin, culture and lifestyle at the Sarawak Chinese Museum in Kuching.

The Bidayuh Community.

The Bidayuh mostly found in the Kuching and Samarahan divisions. Their gentleness and simplicity in life endears them to everyone they meet...known for their hospitality and warm smiles.

They speak different dialects depending on the place of domicile. Those from the Serian district speaks Bukar Sadong...from Penrissen speaks Biatah...from Lundu speaks Selako Lara and from Bau speaks Bau-Jagoi dialects.

They have distinctive handcrafts made from rattan, bamboo and also wood barks.

The Iban Community.

The Iban, which means "the wanderers" is the largest of Sarawak ethnic groups. Once the legendary warrior of Borneo and the most feared of the head hunting tribes...they now live a peaceful lifestyle.

A visitor to an Iban longhouse will delight in their generous and hospitable ways.

The Melanau Community.

The Melanau are known to be fearless sailors and skilled fishermen...this seafaring group can be found in the coastal regions of the Rejang and Baram River. 

The Orang Ulu Community.

The Orang Ulu are renowned for their artistically intricate beadwork on their garments and basketry...and beautiful murals in their longhouses.

The Orang Ulu are also fine musicians who compose hauntingly melodious tune on their mandolin-like sapes.

The elder ladies still portray tattooed hands and legs to show by-gone days of courage and beauty.

The Penan community.

The Penan are shy and elusive. They are the last true nomadic people of Sarawak. They build temporary huts deep in virgin jungles...hunt wild animal wit their blowpipes.

They supplement their meals with wild sago, fruits, roots and plants. The Penans are very skillful in making fine..durable rattan baskets and mats.

Sarawak People Multi racial population can be clearly seen through the various dialects spoken and the various festival celebration through the year. Even though they are of different races and belief, they are able to live in peace and harmony.

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