Sarawak Pottery are Expertly crafted and Uniquely Sarawak Ceramic Crafts.

Sarawak Pottery are expertly kneaded, processed, carved, engraved and shaped from fine quality clay into various shapes and size of ceramic crafts.

These ceramic crafts design and style are being incorporated with Sarawak ethnic motive and theme...making them much sought after as gifts and souvenirs.

The pottery industry of Sarawak have developed from mere producing daily usage items to a range of highly decorative vases and other unique crafts to cater for gifts and souvenir buyers.

Nature Theme Ceramic Vas

Each pottery items are handcrafted by expert and creative potters with depicts the traditional cultures of Sarawak ethnic community and Sarawak flora and fauna theme.

Sarawak ceramic crafts are of two distinct done by the Iban...Murut and the Kelabit and the other done by the Chinese.

Beautifully design Sarawak pottery are easily available at handicrafts and curio shops in Sarawak major town and also at the airport s of Sarawak. They are also available at the various pottery factory and showroom in Kuching and Sibu.

Garden lamp stand from Cerami

In Kuching...these ceramic crafts could be bought from handicrafts and curio shops along the Main Bazaar. Street..the Waterfront souvenir shop and at the factory itself along Penrissen Road. There you are spoil for choice with many interesting and unique design and styles. You can also buy them at the Kuching International Airport souvenir shops.

Main Bazaar Road, Kuching

You can also buy direct from the factory and while you're there you can watch the potter skillfully shaping the clay into beautiful piece of ceramic art.

There are a number of popular pottery factory located on both side Penrissen Road at 4th. Mile and also at 8th.Mile You've are overwhelmed with choice of ceramic products of different size and shapes and with variety of usage. These factory cum showroom are just by the roadside so missing them are unlikely.

Sibu potters are no exception...they produce excellent quality ceramic crafts with both Teochew Chinese Style and local traditional designs. These ceramic handicrafts are available at Sibu Central Markets located at City Centre and Durin Handicraft Shop...located at Durin Ferry Terminal.

Ceramic Cup

Beside the souvenir and curios shops in can also visit the pottery factory along Jalan Ulu Oya between KM 7 and KM 12. You can also buy some ceramic crafts souvenir at Sibu Airport.

Beside the souvenir shops at Miri can shop for exciting pottery design at handicrafts located at Miri Major Shopping Mall like Imperial Mall and Pelita Tunku Plaza. You can also shop at Borneo Arts located at Jalan Yu Seng Selatan and Miri Handicraft Centre located at Jalan Brooke.

In other town in Sarawak like Bintulu...Sarikei...Limbang...Sarawak pottery crafts are available at Shopping mall and also tourist centre.

Sarawak ceramic crafts are both beautiful and reasonable price making them much sought after for souvenir and gifts.

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