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How is Sarawak Real Estate Market? Are you looking for property to buy or renting in Sarawak. Or are you just relocate to Sarawak and looking for a house for rental.  Or considering making Sarawak your second home?

I am not a property agent nor am employee of any property developer in Sarawak.  So this article is based on my personal view of the Sarawak real estate market in general.

There is variety of property option available in Sarawak. There is agriculture, Industrial land for sales and also rental, industrial and commercial building for sales and also rental, beside the different types of houses found in strategic location across the state.  

In this article I try to provide as much information as possible on the Sarawak Real Estate so that you can make a learned decision on your purchase or rental. Among the information you can find on this pages are;

These are Government agencies that are involve in the Sarawak real estate development. Among them are:

  • The development of the housing in Sarawak is under the preview of the Ministry of Housing, among their function are to regulate activities of private housing developers, to coordinate activities in the provision of public and private housing and to plan and to develop public affordable housing projects. You can get more details on the Ministry others function at the Ministry Website.
  • The Housing Development Corporation (Perbadanan Pembangunan Perumahan) is Sarawak state statutory body under the Ministry of Housing with it’s Head Office at Wisma Sultan Tengah, Petra Jaya, Kuching and a regional office each in Sibu and Miri. Among the Corporation function are to develop, build, erect and complete houses for sales or sublease and to develop or provide sites, with adequate infrastructure, services and facilities for the building of houses or housing accommodations. You can get more info on the Corporation here.

Private property developers in Sarawak.

Beside the Housing Development Corporation, the private developers are also involved in Sarawak real estate development, each focusing on their niche market. Sarawak has a mixture of established and big national corporations and localized developers but equally experienced. Among them are:

  • Advance Synergy Realty Sdn Bhd with it Head office located at Synergy Square, Jalan Matang, Kuching is the developer for the Taman Matang Jaya and few other housing estate in Kuching. You can get more info about their latest projects online here.
  • Hock Seng Lee Construction Sdn Bhd a wholly-subsidiary of Hock Seng Lee Berhad, commenced business in property development in year 2000 with residential and commercial project around Kuching. Among them Samariang Aman 2 at Samariang, Kuching, Highfield at Jalan Batu Kawa and Vista Aman at Samarahan. You can learn more about the company’s other housing project and businesses visit their website here.
  • Hock Lee Group of Companies is also one of the major property developers in Sarawak with housing project in Bintulu and Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. More details about the company activities could be found on their website here.
  • Homelite Development Sdn Bhd with its office located at the Airport Commercial Centre is one of the active property developer in Miri which has a number of project under its belt. You can get more details about their current project online here.
  • Oxrich Garden Sdn Bhd is another active property developer in Miri with housing project at Piasau Araea. More details about the Company and its project could be found online here.

These are among the major real estate developer in Sarawak, there are hundreds of property developers in Sarawak, big and small with many years of experience and being an expert in their own niche market.

Licensed Property Agents in Sarawak.

There are a number of licensed Property Agents or Sarawak Real Estate Agencies involved in property consultancy, valuation, selling and rental. Among the major players in Sarawak real estate markets are;

  • Hornbill Real Estate is dealing with property consultancy, property management and real estate agent. Their office is located at Golden Arch Shopping Mall, Rock Road, Kuching.More detail about the company business can be found online here.
  • Borneo Real Estate is a well establish and popular real estate agency in Sarawak, having office at Taman Timberland, 3rd.Mile, Rock Road Kuching. More info about their business could be found online here.
  • Azmi & Co (Sarawak)Sdn Bhd which office is located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok in Kuching, beside a real estate agent is also registered valuers, licensed autionners, palnt and machinery valuers, property consultant and property manager. You can learn more about the group businesses online here.
  • VPC Alliance (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd besides being a real estate agent is also registered valuers, property managers and plant and machinery valuers. Their office is located at Jalan Hj. Taha, Kuching. More details about the company business could be found online here.
  • Henry Butcher Lim Long & Cheing (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd with office located at Kuching, is one of the already establish real estate agent in Sarawak. Their vast experience and expertise in Sarawak Real Estate Market are surely beneficial for you. You can get more details on the company online here.
  • CH Williams, Talhar Wong & Yeo is also an established and reputable real estate agent in Sarawak, with connection to other part of Malaysia. Their services covered among others are property survey, consultancy and valuation. More details about the company can be found at their website here.

Popular location to buy or rent property for commercial or private dwelling. Sarawak is a vast state with housing estate, commercial and industrial located scattered throughout the cities and town.

Find a suitable and convenient property to buy or rent can be a daunting task. Before you committing yourself,  there are a few basic questions you need to answer. Among them are;

  • Are you buying or renting the property and for what purpose.
  • How far is the property from the nearest commercial centre, education institution, school, public transport, entertainment outlets and medical centre.
  • What is the security like in that area.

Based on your answer to the above question you should be able to find a suitable property.

With the soaring price of land available and traffic congestion in the urban areas in Sarawak, many developers are developing the suburb into self-contained township and industrial areas.  These area attracted first time property buyers and also veteran investors. 

There are number of popular location for property in Sarawak, each area has its own unique features and advantages, depending on its usage; commercial, housing, industrial or agriculture. These are some of them;

In Kuching the popular housing area would be Semariang, Matang, Batu Kawa, Samarahan, 10th and 13th Mile Kuching Serian Road, around Kuching International Aiport and its surrounding area. Those looking for commercial property could found theirs around Satok, 3rd.Mile Commercial area, Stamping, Simpang Tiga area, Tabuan Road, and within Kuching City itself.

And for industrial needs, would be the Sejingkat Industrial Area, Muara Tabuan Light Industrial Area, Pending Industrial Estate, Demak Laut Industrial Park and Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone .

In Bintulu the popular Housing area are the Kemena Land District, Kedurong Height, the area surrounding Medan Jaya Commercial Centre and along the Sibiew Road. Commercial property could be found at Shahida Commercial Centre, ParkCity Commercial Square, Berjaya Commercial Centre and Kemena Commercial Centre.

Those looking for industrial property could check out those at Bintulu Light Industrial Estate, Kidurong Light Industrial Estate, Kemena Industrial Estate, Kidurong Industrial Area , Simalajau Industrial Estate and also Jepak Industrial Estate.

In Miri most of the housing estate are located both within the vicinity of the Miri City and its surrounding area, among the popular area would be Pujut, Luak Bay, Bandar Baru Permy Jaya and along Jalan Lutong-Kuala Baram.

Miri Town Centre, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Morsjaya and Bintang Jaya are some of the strategic location for setting up businessesIndustrial area like Piasau Industrial Estate and Kuala Baram Industrial Estate and Lutong Area.

The Upper Lanang Industrial Estate, SEDC Industrial Estate and Rantau Panjang Industrial Estate are among the popular location for industrial property search in Sibu. While those in-search of commercial building to buy or rent can check out Li Hua Commercial Centre, Deshom Commercial Centre, Igan Commercial Centre, Long Bridge Commercial Centre and Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre. 

Those looking for houses to rent or buy can check out the various housing estate located just outside the town. Among them are; Taman Li Hua, along Jalan Kampung Nyabor, Persiaran Brooke Road, Bandar Baru Sibu, Jalan Lanang, Jalan Nam Hon and also along the road to Bukit Aup Recreation Park.

Other town like Sarikei, Limbang and small town in Sarawak also have many new housing estates being built to cater for the increasing in demand for houses.  You can use the form below to search for the property of your choice.

The information on this page is just for your general information and basic guide on Sarawak real Estate. For more details on the statutory requirement and pricing and type of the houses, you are advised to contact the relevant authorities or property consultants. There are new township being open across Sarawak with new property for sales. 

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