Sarawak shopping is a highly pleasurable experience with plenty of choice from branded products...ethnic handicrafts and unique Sarawak products.

Sarawak shopping experience is one of the many activities in Sarawak that you won't want to miss. There are varieties of products on offer that you are overwhelmed with choice.

They range from well known brand to handicrafts products to seafood produce and off-course the authentic Sarawak products.

There are various places in Sarawak that you can do your shopping. There are the modern and chic shopping mall and complex. Beside the mall and complex there is also the curio and souvenir shop selling handicrafts and Sarawak souvenir items.

There are also the night markets and weekend market...selling handicrafts...souvenirs and Sarawak products. They are selling varieties of locally made handicrafts from textile...wood...rattan and also ceramic.

Shopping in Sarawak is a pleasurable experience with plenty of choice ranging from apparel products... Sarawak handicrafts and products.

In the major town in Sarawak you can find modern and chic Sarawak shopping mall and complex both old and new with many more coming up.

Tun Jugah Shopping Mall

In Kuching the Capital city of Sarawak you can find modern and chic shopping mall and complex at the Golden Triangle. The Riverside Shopping Mall is located along Tunku Abd Rahman and just up the road is the Sarawak Plaza...while across on the right is the Tun Jugah Shopping Mall.

The oldest Shopping complex... Electra House is located Khoo Hun Yeung Road and the Hopoh Shopping Complex is located at Mosque Road. And Plaza Merdeka is the latest addition to Kuching modern shopping mall, located adjacent to the Sarawak Textile Museum.

Electra House Shopping Centre

The newest and more modern and chic Sarawak shopping Mall in Kuching is at Simpang Tiga Road...The Spring and the Boulevard Mall at 4 ½ mile Rock Road and the Hills Shopping Mall.

There are a mixture of old and new shopping mall Miri...Resort City...among them are the Bintang Megamall....Boulevard Shopping Mall...Imperial Shopping Mall and also Wisma Pelita Tunku located at Jalan Melayu near to the Tamu Muhibbah.

Sibu have the Sarawak House...Wisma Sanyan...Medan Mall and Star Megamall are some Sarawak shopping venue that you can check out...beside the dozen of small shop around towns.

There is not that many modern shopping mall in Bintulu...among them are the City Point...Park City Mall and the Time Square.

Park City Mall, Bintulu

Beside the modern and chic shopping mall....there are the Curio...Souvenir and the handicrafts shop...selling variety of Sarawak ethnic handicrafts and authentic Sarawak products. Among the most popular Sarawak handicrafts with Sarawak visitors are the Bidayuh rattan mats....the Orang Ulu terendak...Pottery.

Sarawak authentic products like the Sarawak pepper...bird nest and also the salted terubok fish are also popular among Sarawak visitors ad not to forget the famous Sarawak layer cake or Kek Lapis Sarawak. They make great souvenir for friends and family back home.

These handicrafts and Sarawak products are available at all the major airports in Sarawak....handicrafts centre....night markets....weekend market and also border market.

Souvenir and handicrafts could be bought at the various handicraft shop lining the Main Bazaar Road in Kuching and also the Carpenter Road. There are also handicraft shop along the right side of the Abell Road.

Shopping for Sarawak Handicrafts in can visit the Miri Handicrafts centre at Jalan Brooke selling Orang Ulu handicrafts and also crafts made by other ethnic community in Sarawak. You can also find shop selling Sarawak crafs at Jalan Merbau and also at the shopping mall around town.

In Bintulu... shopping for Sarawak crafts beside the Bintulu can visit the the Pasar Utama near the Bintulu Promenade and also the town major shopping mall.

Sibu is also an excellent place to buy Sarawak arts and crafts. Among the places to go are the Sibu Central Market...Night market...handicrafts along Tukang Besi Road and also Central Road. You can also check out the handicraft outlet just after the Durin Ferry.

Beside the night market and handicrafts shop you can also check out the Kubah Ria Commercial Complex in Kuching... Serikin Weekend Market and also the Tebedu border market in Serian. You can find various type of jungle produce....handicrafts and also curio items.

Other new shopping are being build to cater for new township and its in Kota Samarahan...Serian and other town in Sarawak.

Sarawak shopping is an experience that you won't want to miss with all the different type of items and products to choose from.

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