Sarawak Tourist Attractions...Something Utterly fascinating and Mystical about Sarawak....Land of the Hornbill

Sarawak tourist attractions is aplenty and widespread in Sarawak...the Land of the Hornbill. These tourist sites come in different types and styles...natural attractions...cultural sites...historical buildings and monuments and also man-made modern landscape.

Though Sarawak is famous for its nature attractions, there are others tourist sites equally interesting and exciting. These places of interests could be explore in a day or even a few days depending on it location and accessibility.

From the intriguing colonial based of Kuching, you can leap into nature attractions and adventure. There are plenty of things for the whole family to see and do in Sarawak.

Sarawak Nature Attractions.

Kubah National Park Waterfall.

Sarawak has many nature attractions which could be found in its many national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Many exotic and rare Sarawak's flora and fauna could be seen and observed in their natural environment.  From the majestic pinnacles of Mulu to Rafflesia Tuan Mudae at Gunung Gading National Park and more of Sarawak rich ecological and environment nature. Read More….

Sarawak Nature Adventure.

Similaju National Park Beach

Sarawak has a wide nature based and eco-tourism for all ages and groups. You can explore the beautiful and colourful underwater world offshore of Miri, explore and admiring the beautiful and interesting rock formation found in Sarawak’s vast cave networks, trekking through the rainforest while admiring their flora and fauna and many more. Read More…

Sarawak Wildlife Adventure.

Orang Utan at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Sarawak has a rich and diverse wildlife species, from the Orang Utan at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, to the Rhinoceros Hornbill of Batang Ai National Park, the mud-skipper at Bako National Park and the variety of other wildlife species found in the rainforest of Sarawak. Read more…

Sarawak Culture Adventure.

Typical Iban Longhouse at SCV

Sarawak longhouses visit is a one in a life time experience that you won't want to miss during your Sarawak vacation. These longhouses are located in the interior of Sarawak while some are readily reached in a day journey by road, other are only accessible by boat. Being a multi-racial and cultural state, Sarawak has much to offer in term of cultural attractions.

You have the choice of either visiting the Iban Longhuse...Bidayuh Longhouse...the Orang Ulu Longhouse among others. Some of these longhouses offer you the opportunity to experience their daily lifestyle. Read More…..

Sarawak History Adventure.

Kuching General Post Offic

Sarawak also has many interesting historical buildings and monuments. Sarawak has gone through many changes in term of government from the Brunei Sultanate era to the Brooke Government regime, being a British Colony, Japanese rule and Malaysia presently.

Though not many of these historical buildings are left but they are well maintained and preserved providing a glimpse of the bygone era. Read More…

Sarawak City Tour.

Chinese Arch at Miri City Fan Garde

Sarawak City Sightseeing is a journey down the memory lane of Sarawak past history and its people lifestyles. Each Sarawak's city and town have its own unique tourist attraction of both historical and cultural significant. From the intriguing colonial base of Kuching City to culture tour of Sibu City. Read More….

A visit to Sarawak entails a wonderful journey of discovery into its culture, heritage and history. These Sarawak tourist attractions list is not all as some sites are yet to be visited and explore and new one to be discover.

More information about new Sarawak tourist attractions would be added as and when available. You are also welcome to share your popular and preferred tourist site at Sarawak Vacation stories page.

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