Sarawak Travel Agents ... Popular and reliable tour operators in Sarawak.

There a number of Sarawak Travel Agents providing variety of tour packages for both individual and group travelers to Sarawak. Their travel packages varies from each tour operator and also the interest of the travelers.

The bulk of visitor to Sarawak are in for the nature and culture most of the Sarawak travel agents travel packages are built around that.

These include transfer accommodation...tour guide and other services deem fitted the tour packages.

Some of these travel agents or tour operators have been in the market for more than ten years so they are more experienced in handling your travel need in Sarawak.

They offer a wide range of competitively priced nature...culture and eco-tours to destinations throughout Sarawak.

These are among the most popular and reliable Sarawak Travel Agents with years of experience and extensive network with airline and the local people. They provide different service tours..creating tailor made holiday packages to satisfy your travel requirements.

Popular Travel and Tour Operator in Kuching.

Wah Tung Travel Services Sdn. Bhd is among the most sought tour operator in Sarawak with its head office at Ban Hock Road...Kuching and branch office in Miri and Bintulu. They have a counter at Kuching International Airport. They provide ticketing services...Inbound and outbound tour packages. Airport limo transfer, meeting services and also customised local sightseeing tours.Their wide network of partnership with hotels and airline around the world provided intended travelers a wide selection of tour packages both local and international destinations. You can learn more about their services and rates visit them at

CPH Travel Agencies(Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd are among Sarawak Travel Agents pioneers in providing nature...culture and eco-tourism to destinations throughout Sarawak. They have their own fleet of vehicle and the same time operate their own rural guest house in partnership with the local community. Having these facilities...enable them to provide a quality service to their customers.Their office which is strategically located at Padungan Road...the popular tourist trail... making it accessible to tourist who would like make enquiry and tour booking. You can also make your enquiry and booking online at

Borneo Exploration Tour & Travel Sdn. Bhd is located at 76, Wayang Street, Kuching offering both inbound and outbound tour services for individual and also groups. Their tours packages among others ...adventure and special interest tours...custom made tours and safaris...conference...just to name a few.You can equire about their services online at

Borneo Fairyland Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd which is located at Main Bazaar, Kuching is a favourite and popular among backpackers and budget travelers. They offer among them are longhouse tour and tour to Sarawak National Park at a competitive rate.Their strategic location at popular tourist trail...Main Bazaar making them accessible to tourist and guest to make enquiry and reservation. They can also be access online via

Borneo adventure which is strategically local at Kuching popular tourist trail...Main Bazaar also have branches in Miri and Kota Kinabalu. They also offer nature...culture and eco-tourism in their tour packages.You can make your enquiry about their service and rates at

Borneo Interland Travel Sdn. Bhd which is also strategically located at Main Bazaar, Kuching offers vehicle rental...inbound and outbound tour also have a tour-desk at Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites lobby.You can enquire about their tour packages at

Borneo Transverse Tours & Travel sdn. Bhd is located at no.15, Green Hill Road in Kuching. They provide vehicle rental...hotel and airline reservations in addition to their culture...adventure and nature tour packages. They also handle special interest tour for individual and also groups.You can learn more about their service and tour packages at

Catcity Holidays Sdn. Bhd among some of Sarawak Travel Agents offering inbound and outbound tour is located at Kueh Hock Hui Commercial Centre, Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Road also handle flight and hotel reservations. They also offer vehicle rental service either self-driven or chauffer. Other services and tour packages can be found at

Diethelm travel(Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd which was formerly known as Singai Travel Service is located at Chan Chin Ann Road, Kuching...offering value for money and quality packages(tour, transfer & accommodations). They also handle convention and events...special interest tour packages and other related services.They can be reach at +6082-420918 or visit them at

Insar Travels & Tours Sdn. Bhd which specialised inbound tour is located at Wisma Sandhu, Green Road Kuching...offering culture...nature and eco-tourism packages. They also handle airport transfer...accommodations and transportation for their guest.Their dedicated and knowledgeable staffs always ensure that your trip and vacation in Sarawak is a memorable and exciting one. To learn more about their services and packages you can visit them at

Popular Travel and Tour Agencies in Miri.

Minda Nusantara Tour and Travel Agencies Sdn. Bhd which is located at No. 1335, Grd.Floor. Jalan Sri Dagang in Miri have been engaging in tourism-related activities such as inbound and outbound package…flight and hotel reservations among others.

The company’s team of dedicated and experienced staff are always ready to help you with your vacation decision. More details about the company services could be found online at Minda Travel.

Sarawak has many licensed tour operators offering a wide selection of tours and excursion at competitive rates with the benefit of knowledgeable local guide for company.

As most of Sarawak Travel Agents are having a team of experienced...dedicated and knowledge of the local are ensure that you get the best value for your money and within your chosen budget.

You can also get more details about Cheap airfare, hotels, car rentals, vacations and cruises at! for your Sarawak Vacation plan.

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