Sarawak Water Travel providing travel connection to riverine and coastal towns in Sarawak.

Sarawak Water Travel is one of the many travelling option getting around Sarawak. It is cheap and efficient way to get to Sarawak Coastal town and the interior which are still inaccessible by road.

There a number of express boat operators in Sarawak … providing comfortable and safe vessel for the passengers.

The tickets for these express boats service could be bought at the Express Warf or Jetty at the departure venue.

Sometime you need to book in advance especially during festive season or long holiday.

In order to provide an efficient and orderly express boat services … proper and modern wharf and jetty have been built in various riverine towns of Sarawak. These express wharfs and jetty could be found in…

Express Boat

Kuching Express Boat Jetty is located at Pending. City Public Bus no. K19 which could be board at Saujana Bus Terminal in Kuching City can get you there. The express boat from this terminal leave at 8.30am daily to Sibu with brief stop at Sarikei and Tanjung Manis. If you want to use the service be sure to get to the terminal 30 minutes before departure time as the tickets are only on sale at the Jetty.

Sarikei…the Terminal 1 is located at Jalan Bank…next to the Clock tower and the Pineapple Statue. It is the boarding and disembark of passenger from Kuching, Sibu and nearby coastal towns.

Sibu…Express Wharf is located at Jalan Khoo Peng Leong…servicing express boats coming from and going to Kuching, Sarikei, Belaga, Dalat, Daro, Kapit, Kanowit and also Song. Tickets are on sale at the respective Express Boats Operators Counter at the terminal.

Kapit Express Boat Terminal

Miri…the Express Boat Jetty is located at Kuala Baram servicing passengers to and from Marudi and Long Lama. It’s quiet a distance from Miri town so getting there is either by taxi or public bus from the city bus station located near to Tourist Information Centre at Jalan Malayu.

Limbang…Express Boat Wharf is located at Jalan Buangsiol catered for express boats from Labuan Island and Lawas, while the one at the Custom Wharf catered for passengers going and coming from Brunei.

Lawas…Express Boat Wharf provide services to express boat passengers coming and going to Labuan Island, Brunei and Limbang. There is daily express boat service to Limbang and Brunei and 5 times weekly to Labuan Island. The schedule could be view at the terminal where you can buy the tickets.

other riverine town like Mukah, Dalat, Kanowit, Belaga and Daro also have their own Express Jetty providing safe and convenient disembark and boarding of passengers.

Water Taxi

Sarawak Water Travel not only for passengers but also an important means of transportation for goods to the coastal and riverine community. It is also an excellent way to views Sarawak coastline and riverine community lifestyle. You be able to get more details about river transportation in Sarawak from Sarawak Rivers Board, which regulate, monitor and enforcement of river transportation regulation in Sarawak.

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