Sarawak Wildlife Sanctuaries...Home to Sarawak rare and endangered endemics species uniquely Sarawak.

Sarawak Wildlife Sanctuaries were gazetted primarily to protect rare and endangered endemics species of Sarawak flora and fauna. These wildlife sanctuaries are protected and under the custody of Sarawak Forestry.

Beside the National Park and wildlife rehabilitation centre...Sarawak currently have four wildlife sanctuaries...

2 of them are in Kuching Division and one in Miri division and...

the largest one... spread across the interior of Sarikei...Sri Aman and Kapit Division.

These wildlife sanctuaries are home to varieties of birds...animals...fishes among others. The Orang Utan...Bridled tern...Proboscis monekys just to name a few.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sarawak.

Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary, Lundu.

Sarawak Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in Malaysia is located on the western tip of Sarawak....covering an of 6,092ha of the Gunung Pueh Forest Reserves and stretches from the Indonesian border in the west to within 2km of the coast in the east.

The sanctuary consists of a wide variety of habitat types...mangrove...riverine...tropical heath and mixed dipterocrap forests. The proboscis monkeys make this sanctuary their home together with other wildlife species.

Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible by road from Lundu towns. Permit are required for entry to the sanctuary. It was extended to 16,706 ha in August 2000 to cover more area. Read More...

Lanajak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, Sri Aman.

Lanajak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary cover an area of 168, 758 ha which 95% of the area is still covered in virgin rainforest. The area cover Sarikei...Sri Aman and Kapit which most of the sanctuary remains inaccessible.

As the entry to the area is control and limited to several access point only...permit are required. The area is home to the wild orang utan sharing with the Bornean Gibbons...several species of hornbills...langurs...barking deers among others.

The sanctuary has an extremely rich herpetofaunal diversity...amphibians...insects and others flora and fauna. It is adjacent to the Batang Ai National Park.

Pulau Tukong Ara-Banun Wildlife Sanctuary, Santubong.

Pulau Tukong Ara-Banun Wildlife Sanctuary is a rocky outcropping cover an area of 1.4ha...located 5km offshore of Santubong Bay, in Damai..Kuching Division.

The area is the breeding site of the protected Bridled tern and the Black-naped tern. The area is accessible by boat from Santubong Village and permit are required for the entry.

It was gazetted as a wildlife Sanctuary in 1985 and in 1989 was incoporated into the Talang-Satang National Park.

Sibuti Bird Sanctuary, Miri.

Sibuti Bird Sanctuary ...located in Miri division is stopping centre for migration bird. The area is under the care of the Sarawak Forestry Department and permit is required to enter the area.

Each wildlife sanctuary is unique by itself as there being inhabited by endemic species...unique to one particular area. Eventhough accessibility to some of the Sarawak Wildlife sanctuaries are difficult but the excitement and thrill being there out-weight the difficulty.

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