Satok Sunday Market … A fascinating buying experience in a riot of colours.

Satok Sunday Market had moved to Medan Niaga Satok located across the Sarawak River adjacent to the popular Kubah Ria Eatery site in Kuching Division on 1st.January 2013.. Formerly it was located at Jalan Satok. This weekend market start every Saturday afternoon and ended on Sunday afternoon.

Fruit Tress.Young Fruit Trees of different Kind

The market is accessible by public transport either bus or taxi. Many hotels do provide transport services for their guest and so do the local travel agents.

The Satok Weekend Market which was started more than 25 years ago become an interesting attraction for locals and tourists. Bus load of tourists would drop by to buy Sarawak handicraft products and the famous salted Ikan Terubok.

Every Saturday afternoon traders from all over kuching and the outskirts would converged at Satok Weekend Market to peddle their ware. You can find exotic ferns...young fruit trees..wild honey...just to name a few.

The Stall at the Satok weekend Market are divided into various and animals...wet food...sundry goods...textiles...fruits....jungle produce and livestock.

I used to stop by every Saturday afternoon to buy young fruits for my orchard and fresh jungle produce and some local kuih.

Salted Terubok FishOne of the Stall Selling Salted Terubok Fish at Satok Market.

One of the in-demand item and popular both to local and tourist alike is the salted Ikan Terubok. I bought a few fish the last time I was there. The stall owner did a good packing or air freight. They did it without charging you extra.

Other than the popular salted ikan terubok you can also buy tribal handicraft products and also souvenir t-shirts among other.

handicraft StoreSarawak Handicrafts and T-Shirts Souvenir being sold at one of Satok weekend Market Stall.

Another item that is popular among the tourist is the dried shrimp which come in different sizes.

In the evening you can experience local dishes being sold at the open air stall....the famous Sarawak Laksa....fresh sea food...barbeque fish among others and varieties of drink.

Dried ShrimpDried Shrimp of varies sizes available at Satok Market

Satok Sunday Market is a riot of colours...smells and dialects as the locals converge to do their shopping. Even though the passage between the stall are quite tight...the experience shopping at the Market is one a life time.

There a number of hotels and dinning outlets located around the vicinity.

Pleased be informed that Satok Sunday market is no longer in operation, the new site for this weekend market is shifted to Kubah Ria Commercial Complex across river after the Tunku Abdul Rahman Bridge, since 1st. January 2013

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