Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is A Rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for Orang Utan In Sarawak.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is located 20 km south of Kuching within the boundaries of the Semenggoh Nature Reserves. The Centre was established in 1975 with the main aims of rehabilitation...research and education on the conservation of endangered animal of Sarawak.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The centre is accessible by Sarawak Bus Company No. 6 which stop right at the main entrance can be board at Mosque Road Bus Terminal at Kuching City. The journey took about 45 minutes. You can also hire a taxi or make transfer arrangement with your hotel or the local travel agent.

The centre have undergone major infrastructure development since my last trip 20 years ago. The main entrance to the centre before was by plankwalk beside the botanical research centre but now it is further down the road.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre EntranceSemenggok Wildlife Entrance

The Centre open from 8.00am – 12.30 noon and 1.30pm to 5.15pm daily. Visitor are charge nominal fee to enter the centre. From the main gate you can drive up to the centre which took you around 5 minutes. There are ample parking bay at the centre adjacent to the public toilets.

SWC Public ParkingSWC visitor parking bay and Washroom.

From there we walked down to the gathering are...where we were brief by the warden on the do and don't while at park.

SWC Safety BriefingSafety Briefing by the SWC Warden

You are not allowed to with or in any way disturb the Orang Utan...keep at least six meters distance from those that are on the ground. Don't bring any food or drink to Semenggoh Wildlife centre as the Orang Utan might try to retrieve them from you. Always follow the warden's advise for your safety.

Mother and its childMother and its child

We were fortunate as a few of the Orang Utan...a mother and its infant and a few other adults Orang Utan hanging close by. We took some close-up picture of this shy creature...they were as curious as we are.

There is notice board display details information on the Centre residents and also other related article.

Route to feeding platformSign showing the direction to the Feeding Platform and the feeding time.

Since it was closed to feeding time...we were told to go to the Feeding Platform further inside the jungle...

Feeding PlatformFeeding Platform.

where we can watch the Orang Utan feeding from the safety of the viewing platform.

We could hear the warden calling out the resident..unfortunately for us that day until the end of the feeding time nobody turn up....we don't have the chance to watch them feeding. The feeding time is from 9.00-10.00 am and another one at 3.00-4.00pm.

Just Hanging AroundOne of the Resident coming back to the feeding Platform for food.

We felt disappointed but as we walk back to the assembly area..we meet a few of the Orang Utan coming back for food.

We also saw high up on the forest canopy the nest built by the Orang Utan. A new nest is being build every night they spend in the jungle.

Orang Utan NestOrang Utan Nest among the canopy.

Other attraction at the centre are the Botanical Research centre...Ethnobotanical gardens among others. There are five nature trial and a plankwalk for the convenient of the visitors to view the various gardens. For more details..information is available at the BRC Office. For booking and further inquires about the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre visit them at here.

SWC Souvenir ShopA small canteen selling souvenir and drinks

While there is a simple canteen...selling drink and souvenir and also washroom...there is no overnight facilities at the centre and all visitor are to leave the centre by 4.45pm.

You can also make your booking at National Parks Booking Office at the Visitors Information Centre at the old court house in Kuching City.

Our trip to Semenggoh Wildlife centre was one in a life-time experience to see the Orang Utan up-closed. The next trip would be to Matang Wildlife Centre.

Sarawak Natural Wonder can be enjoy and experienced at Sarawak many National Parks.

Sarawak rare and endangered endemic species are being given proper care and protection at Sarawak Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Leave Semenggoh Wiildlife Centre to visit other Nature Reserves in Sarawak.

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