Sibu Dining...Experienced the variety of cuisine offered at Sibu restaurants and food courts in Sarawak.

A wide selection of Sibu Dining outlets offering a variety of both Malaysian and International cuisine. They come in variety of style from roadside centre to fine dining outlets.

You can have a plate of Kam pua mee for breakfast at one of the many coffee shops lining the street of Sibu town.

They also serve wide selection of drinks...noodle and mixed rice. You can also taste the Konpia with a cup of strong Borneo coffee.

Another of Sibu popular dish that you should try this prawns noodles...thick Foochow noodles in steaming bowl of spicy seafood stock top with huge river prawns.

Beside the coffee shops...Sibu Food Centres are the most popular dining outlets among locals and visitors alike. There are variety of stalls selling wide selection of dishes. Some of these food centre only open for limited time only. There are a mixture of stall selling chinese dishes and also malay food.

The food centre which is located on the 1st.floor of Sibu Central Market have over 30 mostly Chinese stalls serving variety of local dishes from kam pua mee...prawn mee and other dishes.

Sibu Central MarketSibu Central Market

Swan Rainforest Cafe which is located on the 1st.floor of Express Boat Passenger terminal are popular for Malay food...selling variety of nasi lemak...noodles and also mixed rice.

You can get a mixture of Chinese and Malay dishes at Jalan Maket Food Stall...selling mee jawa...roti canaiand noodles in variety of cooking style. This food centre is located near to Premier Hotel at Jalan Lanang.

pLooking for BBQ fish with prawn paste...head out to Kampung Bandung Food Court located at Jalan Jasmine which offers variety of Malay seafood...satay and lot more.

Looking for something different for the taste bud...try the Melanau raw-fish salad or the umei at the Melanau stall located at Pusat Mara...Jalan Mission. There are Malay and Melanau food stalls selling variety of popular breakfast dishes and mixed rice.

There is roasted pork and chicken rice being sell at the Chinese Food Stall at Swan Food Centre...Jalan Temple next to Sibu Trade & Exhibition Cenre. An open air food court located off Jalan Awang Ramli Amit...Taman Selera Harmoni have wide selection of halal Malay food.

One of the popular and favourite dish here is the delicious beef tendon soup or soup power as it locally call. This food centre open late in the evening and close quiet late in the night.

There are number of restaurants in Sibu...serving variety of oriental cuisine...seafood and popular local cuisine. You have plenty of choice from upmarket Chinese restaurants...seafood Japanese Restaurant.

Among the upmarket Chinese restaurants are Ming Ziang Restaurant at Kingwood Hotel...Golden Palace Restaurant at Tanahmas Hotel...New Capitol Restaurants at Jalan Kampung Nyabor.

Looking for open air Sibu dining and family-oriented dining outlet....come down to Rejang Esplanade where you can have a wide selection of seafood dishes...stir fried midin...steamed tapah fish. Among the popular restaurant are the Esplanade Seafood...Hai Bing Seafood and Kheng Hock Cafe.

Beside these restaurants...Min Kong Cafe at Jalan Bank is popular for its delicious prawn noodles...Restaurant Bahagia located at Jalan Wong Nai Sion is open 24 hours...serving noodles...and other light meals.

Beside the food centre...restaurants and coffee shop...Sibu also have fast food restaurant which could be found at Sibu major shopping Malls. Among them are the Mcdonalds...KFC and also the local chain...the Sugar Bun.

There is also a Japanese Susi Tie at Level 5...Wisma Sanyan and a Vietnamese restuarant...the Adem located at Jalan Deshon...serving excellent beef noodles and authentic Vietnamese coffee.

These Sibu dining outlets are family-oriented and also places for socializing among local and visitors alike.

There are more dining outlet in Sibu that are yet to be discover and review. Some of these outlets may have closed down and new one being open for business, while others have been expanding and offer more dishes.

You are welcome to share your dinning experience at the comment column below. 

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