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Sibu Entertainment Outlets which come in many sizes, shape and styles providing entertainment to different segments of clients. They could be found located scattered around town in shoplots, shopping complex and also within the hotels premises.

You can pick your preference from comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at the hotels lounge and coffee house to the more happening bars and pubs in town. You can also spend your free time watching the latest movie at one of the Cineplex in town.

These are some of the popular entertainment outlets in Sibu town from bars, pubs, karaoke lounges to Cineplex.

Those preferred the more happening and exhilarating environment, you can visit these outlets, among them are;

  • Q-bar Karaoke lounge and Happy Pub at Jalan kampong Nyabor,
  • Maple leaf fusion café at Pusat Pedada, Jalan Pedada.
  • Rest & relax music café , O2 Ktv Box and Rest & Relax Music Café are located at Jalan Pahlawan,
  • Crystal palace ktv karaoke lounge at Jalan Ramin.
  • Hideaway pub(88) at Jalan Wong Nai Siong,
  • Kaban lama club at Persiaran Brooke
  • Terminal K Karaoke Lounge is located at Lorong Wong King Hua
  • Opub Kbox is located at Lorong Kamar 4, while Cheers Karaoke Lounge is at Jalan Tunku Osman.

These represent only a fraction of the many types, size and style of Sibu bars, pubs and Karoke Lounges. There are many more to be discovered and reviews.

Rh Hotel, SibuRH Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak

For those preferred the relaxing and comfortable entertaining atmosphere, the outlets at the hotels’ premises is recommended. They are Hijau Lounge at RH Hotel, Riveria Lounge at Kingwood Hotel, Happy Valley Lounge at Paramount Hotel and K.Pop Karaoke and Cocktail lounge at Tanahmas Hotel.

There is the Star Cineplex located at Jalan Ramin and King’s Triplex at Premier Hotel showing the latest movie and providing.

Premier Hotel, SibuPremier Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak

These are just some of the bars, pubs, karaoke lounges and cineplexs in Sibu. There are many more dangdut outlets and nightspots where you can socialized with your buddies or client or just chill out. 

There would be new one being open up and old one being closed down or change name and ownership after the publisher of this article. It is advisable to check them out first before making your way there.

Those of you who would like to share your experience about the night life in Sibu, Sarawak are welcome to submit your story at the comment column below.

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