Similajau National Park IS an IDEAL destination for a great weekend getaway with its rich flora and fauna.

Similajau National Park located 30 km northeast Bintulu town...Sarawak is a narrow strips of forest fronted by golden sandy in flora and fauna.

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Its remote location provided an ideal weekend getaway and jungle trekking. The park showcases the unique geographical features of the Sarawak coastline north of Bintulu.

The National Park EntranceThe Park Main Entrance

A chain of golden sandy beaches...punctuated by small rocky headlands and jungles streams...bordered by dense green forest.

Rocky Headland at the Park.The Park Rocky Headland

As there is no public transport service to the can either take a taxi from Bintulu town or a enjoyable option is by hiring a boat at Bintulu Wharf.

Even thought it is a small area...the National Park is rich in flora and fauna...home to various species of plants..trees and wildlife.

One of the Tree Species found at the Park

The park is littoral fringe...kerangas and mixed dipterocrap forest providing a variety of diverse habitats for a wide range of fascinating species. Pitcher plants...

...mangroves and giant dipterocrap tress among others.

Mangroves Forest

You can also find long-tailed macaques...wild boar...gibbons among the mammals that make the Park their home sharing with species of birds.

Two species of crocodile...estuarine or saltwater crocodile and the false gharial. They are easily spotted at can make arrangement with the park HQ for a night trip.

The turtle beaches are not just a name but green turtles ...occasionally hawksbill and leather turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Other species of marine visitors are five species of dolphin..

occasionally seen between March and September...the Irrawaddy ...bottlenose...Indo-pacific humpback...finless porpoise and the pantropic spotted dolphin.

Suspensen Bridge Across Sungei Lika

Similajau National Park is an ideal site for jungle trekking with a 10 km of well marked trail. Its took about 6 hours return journey so be prepared with enough foods and drinks. From the Park Hq you will cross the Sungei Likau suspension bridge....

…..from here you can either follow the main trail or take a short trail on the left which would take you to the Viewpoint Trail.

Trail Direction Signage

At the Viewpoint is a shelter with picnic tables looking back to the beach and park Hq.

From the Viewpoint you can trek to the Turtle Beach 1 which is about 7 km away and Turtle Beach 2...

Turtle Trail Direction.

The golden beach is about 2 km from Turtle Beach 2 with a bridge crossing. All the trails are named and colored... Red is the 10.4km main trails...including the Turtle Beach 1 and 2....

White is the trail to Batu Anchan...Viewpoint is marked Red/Yellow...Red/White is the Circular Trail and Green is the Education Trail.

Trail Info and direction

Every visitors to the Parks must register themselves at...the Similajau National Park Hq.

 Park HQ &Adminstration Office

Accommodation at the park consist of VIP rest house- 2 rooms wit 2 single beds with air conditioning....

VIP Chalet

Class II Chalets-2 rooms with 4 single beds...Drive in Chalets-2 rooms with 2 single bed and 4 beds per room hostel style accommodation.

Park Chalet

To make your booking you can contact National parks office in Miri at Visitors Information Centre...Jalan Melayu at the local bus station...or you can also make your booking online here.

As the park is popular weekend destination among both local and outstations visitor...early booking is advisable. You can also contact the Park Station at +6086-327284/326251.

Beside the Rest house...Chalets...the hostel and the canteen...

Park Canteen

camping site are also available....

with barbecue pits...benches and pavillion.

hut at for resting

Please be reminded that Similajau National Parks is a protected area so take nothing but picture and left nothing but your footprint.

Beside Similajau National Park in Bintulu...there are National Park in Miri and Kuching among others.

Leave Similajau National Park to visit other National Parks in Sarawak.

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