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Sri Aman Tourist attractions are scattered throughout the division which is divided into 2 districts (Sri Aman and Lubok Antu) and 3 small districts (Engkilili, Lingga and Pantu). Sri Aman District which is located in Central of Sarawak is connected to other towns in Sarawak by the Tran-Borneo Highway.

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Sri Aman Division which was formerly known as Simanggang is the 2nd. Administrative division of Sarawak. The division was named Sri Aman after the historic even of the Deklarasi Sri Aman or the Peace Declaration which was signed on 21 Oct 1973 between the Malaysia Government and the Communist Members.

Getting to and around Sri Aman.

There is regular inter-division Express Bus service travelling to and from Sri Aman from the Kuching, Sarikei, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri in Sarawak. As the towns in Sri Aman District are small and compact…getting around could be done on foot or by taxi.

Getting to the interior of Sri Aman is by longboat. There are number of tour operators that offered tour packages to various tourist sites in Sri Aman.

Sri Aman town is also a drop of point for those travellers who would like to explore the Iban Longhouse and the Batang Ai National Park.

Sri Aman Tourist Attractions.

Mount Hosanna Church, Sri AmanMount Hosanna Catholic Church, Sri Aman, Sarawak

Sri Aman Division is not just about the Batang Ai National Park …there are other interesting tourist sites scattered throughout the division. Among popular Sri Aman tourist attractions are….

Tze Yin Khor Chinese Temple located at Sim Kim Road in Sri Aman Town.

Taman Panorama Benak located opposite Sri Aman Resident Office…a strategic location to watch the tidal bore or benak known locally coming up the Batang Lupar river.

Heritage Building…Fort Alice built in 1864 by Rajah Charles Brooke as a defensive structure controlling the Batang Lupar in Sri Aman town.

Hosanna Catholic Church which is located at KM157 Kuching-Sri Aman road have interesting architectural style.

Batang Ai National ParkBatang Ai National Park, Sri Aman

A number of Iban Longhouse…Rumah Nyalau Muang at Bukong, Engkilili…Lemanak Longhouse and Nanga Sumpa Longhouse at Lubok Antu…accessible by longboat and jungle trekking.

An interesting rock formation Batu Nabau a short distance from Rumah Nyalau Muang in Engkilili.

Sungai Raya Recreation site

Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary located in the interior of Lubok Antu.

There are other tourist attractions in Sri Aman Division that are yet to be explore and share.

A tour package of culture and nature to Sri Aman are being offer by most of the tour operator in Sarawak.

Accommodation In Sri Aman Division.

There are number of accommodation option in Sri Aman Division from community based…budget accommodation to resort style. Among them are…

Alishan Hotel…Hotel Tiara Inn and Hotel Taiwan at Jalan Council, Sri Aman.

Hotel Champion Inn and Hotel Mei Xing Inn at Jalan Main Bazaar, Sri Aman.

Hoover Hotel and Hotel Crystal Inn at Jalan Club, Sri Aman.

Mega Inn at Jalan Hospital, Sri Aman.

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort at Lubok Antu

Community Based accommodation at Rumah Nyalau Muang, Engkili…Nanga Sumpa Longhouse and Lemanak Longhouse at Lubok Antu.

There are budget hotel… Bed and Breakfast located in Sri Aman Pantu…Lingga and also in Lubok Antu town.

Though Sri Aman is well known for its legendary Bujang Senang of Batang Lupar … it is one of the popular tourist attractions for cultural and nature experience among the visitors to Sarawak.

A number of tour operators in Sarawak offer a tour of the Iban longhouse and the National Park.

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