Talang Satang National Park is Sarawak’s marine turtle Island and National Park.

Talang Satang National Park is Sarawak first marine national park to be established for the primary aim of Sarawak’s marine turtle conservation population.

The park covers an area of 19,414 hectares, encompasses the coastline and waters surrounding Pulau Talang-Talang Besar…Pulau Talang-Talang Kecil and Pulau Satang Besar…Pulau Satang Kecil.

The former are located off Sematan in Lundu and while the later are located off Santubong in Kuching.

Getting to the Talang Satang Turtle Islands.

Pulau Satang Besar which is the largest of the park’s island is open to visitors and is accessible by boat from Santubong…Damai Beach or Telaga Air Jetty in Matang.

All other areas of Talang-Satang National Park are off limits to visitor unless you are a volunteer under the Sarawak Forestry’s Sea Turtle Adoption Programe…which is open from May to September. You can check with the Sarawak Forestry for program details and fees.

There are tour operator in Kuching that run day trips to the Pulau Satang Besar in conjunction with other marine-based activities….dolphin watching... Kuching Wetland cruises

Attractions and Activities at the Talang Satang National Park or Turtle Islands.

Although accessibility is only limited to within designated area of Pulau Satang Besar… it nevertheless a fascinating and beautiful place to be. The main attraction of the park is the turtle conservation programme.

All visitor to Sarawak National Park are charged a standard nominal fees which you can pay at the island or at National Parks Booking Office at the Old Courthouse Complex in Kuching or online

There is an information centre near the beach where you can learn about marine turtle conservation programme done at the park. You can also view the turtle hatchery nearby.

The best time to visit the island is during the turtle peak nesting season from May to September. From the park record…five marine turtle species are known to nest in Sarawak. Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) is top of the list followed by Hwaksbill(Eretmochelys imbricate)…while Oilve Ridley…Leatherback and loggerhead turtles nest primarily at Tanjung Datu in Lundu and Similajau National Park

The white sand beach stretches across the entire southern side of Pulau Satang Besar is a great place for a stroll and watching the waves breaking the shore.

The surrounding water is suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling…the sea-bed slopes gradually to a depth of about 12 metres. There are hard coral formations…soft corals…gorgonian sea fans and feathers stars…surrounded by small colourful fish.

Thought the diving and snorkelling are confined within the designated zone only but the experience is memorable one with occasional sighting of Green Turtle.

There are diving equipment for rental at the Sarawak Forestry operations office on the island with advance booking. The other option is to check with the diving operator in Kuching for details on their diving package.

As Talang-Satang’s coral reefs are home to a number of venomous creature…sea snakes…coral snakes..stonefish and core shells among them…do not touch…walk or swim barefoot .

Pulau Tukong Ara-Barun Wildlife Sanctaury which is also part of the Talang-Satang National Park is home to breeding colonies of bridled terns and black-raped terns. Frequently sighted on the rocky outcrops is black coloured pacific reef egrets

Access to the other Turtle Island are limited to bona researchers…students…conservations organizations and people participating in the Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme. For details on how you can participate in the programme…kindly Sarawak Forestry in Kuching at +6082-348001 or visit them online

Accommodations at Talang Satang National Park.

A locally operated visitor lodge is available at Pulau Satang Besar…with limited amenities and accommodations. There are no visitor accommodations elsewhere in the park. You are advised to bring your own food and drinks as there is no canteen or other visitor facilities.

The other option is to join a tour group by Kuching tour operator which would safe you all the hassle.

A trip to Talang Satang National Park is both educational and exciting experience…the opportunity to know more about the marine turtle life cycle and the conservation programme being carried out by the authority together with the local community.

You are also welcome to participate in the Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme which opens from May to September.

Leave Talang Satang National Park for other Sarawak National Park.

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