Taman Tumbina Bintulu is A Living Heritage of Borneo Flora and Fauna providing Recreational and Educational Values.

Taman Tumbina Bintulu is an integration of a botanical and zoological garden spreading over a hilly and undulating terrain of 57 hectares...30km from Bintulu Town.

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The garden was open the 2nd August 1991 which the vision to be a living heritage of Borneo flora and fauna. Its objective are to provide both recreational and educational values for visitors from all works or life.

Taman Tumbina EntranceThe Garden Entrance

Taman Tumbina Bintulu strategic location provide a breath taking view of Bintulu Town Centre...Tanjong Kidurong Industrial Estate and the South China Sea. The journey is 30 minutes by car or taxi from Bintulu town.

Bird Eye view of Bintulu TownPart of Bintulu Town seen from The Park Highest Point

The garden is open daily from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm and a minimal fee is being charge for entrance. Taman Tumbina is equipped with various facilities for your conveniences.

Taman Tumbina LayoutThe Garden Layout

You journey at the garden start with a visit to Oriental Small-Clawed otter enclosure...

Oriental Small Clawed Otter enclosureOriental Small-Clawed otter

...next to it is the Garden's canteen.....right beside the canteen is the biggest fresh water fish...the arapiama tank..

….from there you can either take the walk-in-aviary through fruit trees garden and also various types of roses.

walk in aviaryThe Garden walk-in-aviary

The butterfly enclosure is located just below the Fruit's garden....

A garden planted with various species of cactus plants is located on the right side of the butterfly walk-in-aviary on the hill top...

Cactus GardenCactus Garden

….to the left of the cactus garden is the various species of palm trees...

just beside the cactus garden is the Orchid Garden planted with various species of orchid in various various growing stages.

Orchid GardenOrchid Garden

Not far from the orchid garden is the Ostrich enclosure where you can see the biggest bird that cannot fly...a pair of Ostrich.

Pair of OstrichOstrich enclosure

Right after that is the Tiger enclosure...the only place in Sarawak where you can see a real tiger.

Walking down hill toward the exit...you will came across the enclosure for the Deer..

A group of DeerDear Enclosure

Further down...you will come to the enclosure for the birds and reptile...the hornbills...eagles...crocodiles and also pythons.

Birds and Reptile CagesBirds and Reptile's Enclosure

Taman Tumbina Bintulu is a great place to spend your vacation in Bintulu as you can learn and know more about the different types of flora and fauna in Borneo. It is also a great site to get a bird view of Bintulu town and the South China Sea.

After spending you day trekking through the garden...you can adjourn to Tanjung Batu Beach for a rest and a enjoy the sea breeze with a drink of fresh coconut which is just 15 minutes walk.

There are number of Hotels, Inns and Apartment located nearby and also around Bintulu Town itself.

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