Tanjung Datu National Park is one of Sarawak Smallest and Yet Beautiful and Interesting National Park.

Tanjung Datu National Park which is located at the South-western tip of Sarawak on the Datu Peninsula…Tanjung Datu is one of the less accessible and remote national park in Sarawak…East Malaysia.

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The remoteness of the park and its accessibility makes it more attractive …with its undisturbed beaches…

untouched offshore corals and the less trodden forest trails.

Getting to the Tanjung Datu National Park.

Tanjung Datu National Park is accessible by 15minutes boat journey from Telok Melano or 2 ½ hours trekking via Telok Melano-Telok Upas – Tanjung Datu HQ trail.

The only way to get to Telok Melano is by boat from Sematan Town. Sematan Town is 2 ½” journey by road from Kuching City. There is also public transport from Lundu Town to Sematan.

A direct journey by boat to the park can also be arrange with the local at Sematan. As the services are unscheduled…you need to make prior arrangement with the boat man to take you to and from the park.

Another alternative is to make arrangement with the local travel agent in Kuching they could arrange you transport to and from the park and other related services.

Tanjung Datu National Park Flora and Fauna Attractions.

The park comprises a narrow ridge of rugged forest covered hills fringed with pristine white sandy beaches…crystal clear water and patches of coral reef.

One interesting and unusual plant species at the park is the night-blooming Putat tree its scientific name baringtonia asiatica… which produces pink and white tennis ball sized flowers.

Tanjung Datu National Park is also home to variety of animal and birds species. Hornbill and peacocks are among the hundreds of birds species that could be found in the park.

Borneo Gibbons…Pig-tailed Macaques and Silvered and Banded Langurs are among the Primates that make the park their home.

There are also the Bearded Pigs…Sambar Deer…Mouse Deer…Barking Deer..bearcats…Civets Cat and various species of squirrel that added to the park’s flora and fauna richness and variety.

There are also various species of reptile…Pit Vipers and Tree Snake. The highly endangered Green Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtles regularly lay their eggs on the park’s beaches…thus a turtle hatchery has been established to the eggs from predators.

The water offshore from the park is home to dolphins and other marine life. The unpolluted crystal clear waters and the coral makes Tanjung Datu a good site for snorkelling and scuba diving.

There are venomous Sea snakes…Coral Snakes…stonefish and cone shells that make Tanjung Datu’s carol reefs their home. You are advised to take safety precaution when diving at the site.

Trekking at Tanjung Datu National Park.

Tanjung Datu National Park has four short well marked walking trails…offering a variety of rainforest…beach scenery and as well as some spectacular coastal views. These trails are coloured code for the convenient and safety of the park’s visitors.

These trails are…

The 3.7km Telok Melano Trails start from the nearby fishing village of Telok Melano…which is the main access point to the park. The trails passes through abandoned farmland…weaves its way along the coastline…through picturesque bays and emerges at Telok Upas… where a pleasant white sandy beaches await you and patches of hard coral just off shore.

It an ideal site to have a picnic and snorkelling. Just a further 10 minutes’ walk would be the Park HQ. You can walk back the same route to Telok Melano or arrange the boat man to pick you up at the beach.

Pasir Antu Laut Trail is a 2.7km loop trail starting at the Park HQ …trekking parallel to the beach…through foreshore vegetation to Tanjung Antu Laut.

At Tanjung Antu is a picturesque beach…a clear freshwater streams flow around big polished granite into the ocean. As you continue your journey inland…you passes through mixed dipterocrap forest…crossing several small creeks along the way and finally back at the Park Hq.

The Belian Trail is steep and required hard work…the 90 minutes journey took you through mixed dipterocrap forest to the high highest point in the park..the peak of Gunung Melano which is some 452 metres above sea level.

The view from the peak is spectacular…looking at Malaysian and Indonesian coasts of Cape Datu. There are plenty of opportunities along the way to view the park’s rich plant and animal life.

The Viewing Point trail is a short…steep trails to Viewing point at Tanjung Labuan Gadong. It’s an 80m high cliff-top…offering a superb views of the park entire shoreline.

Accommodation at Tanjung Datu National Park and around.

There are no chalet or hostel at the park currently. The option for visitor who wish to spend the night at the park…can rent a tent from the Park Hq. Another option is to stay at the nearby Telok Melano Homestay. There are accommodation at Sematan, Lundu also

You can get more details about Tanjung Datu National Park at National Parks Booking office in Kuching at contact number:-+6082-248088 or online here.

As there is no canteen facility at the park…you are advised to bring in your own food and drinks.

Tanjung Datu National Park and also Telok Melano is inaccessible during the monsoon season..October to February due to high seas.

Do not be disappointed as you can still visit Gunung Gading National Park which is just ½ hr drive from Lundu Town and other tourist attraction at Lundu.

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