Visa for Sarawak … Travel Document to Enter Sarawak, Malaysia

Do you need a visa to visit Sarawak, Malaysia?  Sarawak which is in the federation of Malaysia has a flexible visa policy. Visa for Sarawak, Malaysia application can be made at the nearest Malaysia Representative office in one country. The visa is issued by the Malaysian Government to foreign nationals to enter Malaysia on social or business visits. 

You must possess a valid National Passport or International recognized travel document to enter Sarawak, Malaysia. You can also use a Document in Lieu which you can apply from the Malaysian Representative Office abroad.

This visa is an endorsement in your passport or other recognized travel documents, indicating that you have applied for permission to enter Sarawak, Malaysia and that the permission has been granted. But this is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the country as the final decision lies with the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

Type of Visa required to Enter Sarawak, Malaysia.

Single Entry Visa. This type of visa is being issued to those visiting Sarawak, Malaysia a social visit and it is valid for a single entry only and for three (3) months from the date of issue. 

Multiple Entry Visa. This type of visa is being issued to those coming to Sarawak, Malaysia for business or government to government matters. It is valid within 3 months to 12 months from the date of issue.  A person or individual apply for this type of visa must show proof that she/he has sufficient funds to cover his/her expenses during staying in Malaysia;, and must possess a valid and confirmed return ticket.

Transit Visa. A transit visa is issued to an individual who enters Sarawak, Malaysia on transit to another country. A transit visa is not required if the individual concerned is not leaving the airport premises and be traveling on the same flight to his/her next destination.

An individual may require an additional document in which a non-citizen of Malaysia is required to enter Sarawak, Malaysia.

Which Country Citizen required its citizen to apply for a visa for Sarawak, Malaysia entry.

Any citizen of commonwealth countries does not need a visa to visit Sarawak, Malaysia. Citizen of other countries can check with the Immigration Of Malaysia on the requirement of visa to enter Sarawak, Malaysia.

Where to Apply and how to apply for a visa to enter Sarawak, Malaysia.

An individual who requires a visa to enter Sarawak, Malaysia must make their application at the nearest Malaysian Representative Office. Your application for an entry visa can be with or without reference. More details are available at the Malaysia Immigration Website.

Currently,  visitors from India and Mainland China can make their online via the I-Visa System.

Other types of travel documents or permits to enter Sarawak, Malaysia.

Malaysia Immigration Department issued other types of travel documents and permits for an individual intending to work or study in Malaysia.  Details about these are available at the Malaysia Immigration Website here.

For those who intend to retire and live in Sarawak, Malaysia, the government has a program and details of this program and application method are available at Immigration of  Malaysia website.

There is also the cross border pass; Cross Border Malaysia-Indonesia, Border Pass (Malaysia-Thailand).

The information in this article is research from the Malaysia Immigration Department. For the latest information related to visa and other travel document for entry to Sarawak, Malaysia is available at the Malaysia Immigration Department website.

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